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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here the past two days.  I'm typing outside right now!  Which makes me believe that when I have company next week that it will be OMG Kill Me Now Hot or raining or probably a combination of both. 

What to say about the Emmys?  I'm thrilled that House and Scrubs got included, but how so you ignore the stars of those shows?  As my mother so succinctly put it Hugh Laurie is House.   And while I didn't hold out a lot of hope for BSG getting a nom I thought Mary may pull one out.  Geena Davis over her?  I don't think so.

The Sci-Fi board is nuts.  Please remind me to stay away from it. 

Happy Belated Birthday to scarlettfish !  I didn't forget!  I just forgot to post. ;-) 

How sarmoti tracks this stuff down I don't know, but bless her.  She's the queen of finding Bamber photos.  See the travesty within this short, spoiler free interview. From the OMG what were they thinking department. Though, that picture can provide a lot of iconing possibilities.  Just sayin'.

I'm typing this out in rich text because I can now.  It's cool not having to manually do all that html code (accept for links because I can't seem to figure out the dohickey to do that).  OK, and I just realized the spell check ends up being rather wonky. 

I swear I had more to say.  My life can't be this boring, can it?
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The Sci-Fi board is nuts. Please remind me to stay away from it.

It *is* totally nuts....except that's where I usually find these new Bamber photos. So I do find myself popping over there once in a while. But my brain usually hurts afterwards. :)
My mistake is I tend to check out the threads related to interviews and spoilers and that's a roller coaster ride of theorizing, bitching, and complaining...just before the posters inevitably turning on each other. But I appreciate your hard work!
Eek, that does sounds scary. I usually avoid spoilers (mainly cause I'd rather be surprised but also partially to avoid the craziness of theorizing and bitching that you've just described) so I haven't ventured into those threads, but I still see stuff all over that board that just drives me bonkers. With RDM's wife posting/reading there, I hope she (and therefore, Ron) doesn't think that all BSG fans are like that.
I wonder if one could send PM's to Mrs Ron - give her links to some sane LJers to check out. Of course, I'd have to stop bad mouthing her husband and I don't know if I can do that. ;)
The Emmys are crazy this year.
No best drama nomination for LOST?
Didn't it win last year?
It makes me tear up inside.
I'm not a big fan of 'Lost', but I do agree that it is unheard of that a show go from winning to no nomination. And from what I did see there was no dip in overall quality.
Is it wrong that I looked at that photo and my first thought, despite the undeniable prettiness of the Bamber was "His hair sticks straight up and he's bloody stupid."

Sigh. I will never get BtVS dialog out of my brain.
Is it wrong that you now have me thinking that Mrs Bamber could have him upside down and half way to happyland and his hair still wouldn't look like that. ;)
Honestly, if I were to icon that picture, I would crop out the unfortunate hair. It just messes with the pretty far too much.

Chica, quit hurting yourself! :P
Crop woman! CROP!

It's so unfortunate because he looks so hot otherwise. I wish I knew what the photographer said to him and what Jamie's reaction was. Some of that 'Celebrity Poker' temper may have come out.

Someone is bound to make a humorous icon out of that image. Or simply write 'WTF???" across it. ;-)
Be comforted in the knowledge that our weather changes 50 times each day, and you may get lucky next week - crossing fingers for you.

To nominate House and not Hugh Laurie is ludicrous - the only reason I can think of is that they wanted to nominate Martin Sheen one more time. That in itself is a travesty, since West Wing hasn't been Emmy worthy in a long time.

If I glanced at that picture really quickly I would have sworn it was Seth Green - now THAT is a travesty ;) I hope Jamie did flash some temper at that.