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The Hunt Begins

Thanks to the heads up of several on my Flist, I now know I must begin the search for the August addition of Out Magazine. I knew Jamie was to be their cover boy, but I thought the issue would hit newsstands closer to the October 6 premiere of Season 3. If you would like to behold the pretty here's the cover and the article with more photos within.

SPOILER warning. There is something in the very last paragraph that I don't think would be much of a surprise to anyone, but wasn't explicitly mentioned in the season finale. So you may wish to skip that, but I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the article. It is less about Jamie then about about the popularity of BSG in the gay community (makes sense why, but I had never really thought about it before) and how the genre is evolving, but very interesting. I'm just deliriously happy that he (and the show by extension) is getting some really good press. Plus, did I mention the cool photos? ;)
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EEEK! I totally didn't catch that from the finale and now I'm all kinds of intrigued. Okay, make me ache for October now.
I didn't either, but when David Eick mentioned it in passing in an interview a couple months ago (and it has since been confirmed by one of the actors) it wasn't a huge surprise and, for some reason, I think they thought we picked up on it. Then again, they have a habit of assuming we just pick up on things!
Yeah, I didn't quite get that so much from canon either, but it's been talked about a lot in interviews, etc. Have to say, though, that Eick makes me hopeful that said spoiler might meet an untimely.

::does snoopy dance of wishful thinking::
Keep in mind that several people last season made references to L/D being short term. And Kandyse had some interesting, if skewed to make her character seem more important ;), things to say in a recent Cult Times interview. Let me know if you want me to send you some info on that. I'm on my way out right now.
Oh Please??

::begs and bribes with cookies::

I hope she's a cylon, I really do. They have so butchered her character that's the only thing that could make me like her again.

I was going to e-mail you the info, but I apparently don't have your e-mail. :( Mine is on my user info page. Just send me something and I'll reply back. And I don't know anything about her being a Cylon. Sorry!
Those photos were kind of silly. But it was a really interesting take on the show and on sci fi's role in taking on equality issues. I read a political blog run by a gay man and he is ALL about the Apollo when the show is airing (actually, BSG pops up quite a bit on political blogs in general), so I can't say I'm surprised to see that the show is very popular in the gay community.

There's also a big casting spoiler in the second-to-last paragraph as well. I've given up on avoiding that kind of stuff--it's unavoidable.
I don't mind silly photos if they are well shot and I understand what they are attempting to convey with them. I thought the the grey v-neck he was wearing in the second pick even had a certain 'Star Trek' quality to it.

Hey, can you link the blog? I'd be interested in taking a look at it.

I had to go look for the casting spoiler because I thought I missed something! Actually, Lucy's role was announced before Season 2 wrapped and it's been talked about endlessly so I figured it was common knowledge. Plus, she's been doing interviews, plus she's going to be on the cover of TV Guide with much of the cast so, yeah, I don't even think of that as a spoiler anymore.
It's AmericaBlog. It's an unashamedly liberal blog, and most of what they talk about is not Lee Adama, but while the show airs, John Aravosis is appreciative. Another blog I frequent, First Draft, has a regular feature on the White House press gaggle called "Holden's Obsession with the Gaggle"; while BSG airs, they also have a regular Saturday Athenae's Obsession with Starbuck. My conclusion from both of these postings, and others I've seen around the political blogosphere, is that all of the good discussion is happening on LJ. :)

Actually, Lucy's role was announced before Season 2 wrapped and it's been talked about endlessly so I figured it was common knowledge. Plus, she's been doing interviews, plus she's going to be on the cover of TV Guide with much of the cast so, yeah, I don't even think of that as a spoiler anymore.

I had no idea, but only because I do a total, complete press blackout as the only way to reliably avoid spoilers of any kind. But, as I said, this is the kind of thing that I think it's reasonable to assume is common knowledge.
I guess I got jossed now! ;-) I read the article earlier today and thought you'd appreciate the photos.

On the gay issue, however, it emphasised why I'd be a bit (or a lot, depending on my mood) annoyed if they did the Star Trek thing -- talk about how you're "going to" include gay characters and then never doing it. I don't want them to do "a gay storyline", simply for the reason that I don't want to watch a soap opera and I thought season 2 was already heavy on the romance stuff. But acknowledging gay people exist, in a show that otherwise does not shy away from sexual matters at all, would be about damn time.

PS: Er, written in a hurry. Have guest, might not be around as much. Just so you know. :-)
I thought they had very valid reasons for not tackling a gay relationship (or really any relationship in depth) right now. Their world ended, they're being hunted, do they have time to focus that much on two people? And I got the impression they wouldn't have a gay relationship just so they could go 'Hey, look at what we are doing!'. But it seemed that they were open to the possibility should it arise organically within the existing story.

This is totally my opinion, but I think Gaeta is gay. And while there would never be a Gaeta/Baltar romance on screen, because, Gods knows Baltar is all about the ladies - real and imagined ;) - it would be nice to acknowledge that they have a character whose gay and it's a non-issue like sex and gender.
Thanks for the link, very interesting article. I don't mind the photos, mostly because he looks so damn good in them, especially after that other photo disaster!

I didn't know about the spoiler, but in retrospect it does make sense.
Seriously, after the hair photo, just about anything would look good. ;)

The spoiler wasn't completely shocking to me. I'd seen speculation about it since the finale aired. Still not sure how I feel about, but we shall see. They haven't tackled divorce yet!
I remember you saying that Dee looked as if the thrill was gone when she looked at Lee talking to Kara - I wonder if that was supposed to be our clue ;) Looks as if they will tackle divorce!
Thanks for the links! Interesting stuff. The photos were bizarre, but not utterly plasticized, so that's something. And I didn't know about that spoiler, either, but I guess it's not surprising.

I didn't know John Barrowman was out. I am certainly looking forward to Jack's slutty adventures. Hee.
Good point about the lack of obvious airbrushing. I saw Kiera Knightly on the cover of In Style and the photo was totally airbrushed and she's probably one of the last people that needs airbrushing. I was shocked. It's getting so out of hand. And in one photo it even looks like he has dark circles under his eyes. :)

The spoiler is technically a spoiler, but not really a shock to the system, especially with a year jump.

I found out about John Barrowman when the last 'Who' series aired. I didn't really know much about him other then he was probably best known for his theatre work before this.
hehe! *licks photos of jamie*

i was accidentally spoiled for that from an article that wasn't marked as spoilery a week or so ago. silly spoiler... i actually HAD NO IDEA. i'm so daft, really...

anyways, thanx for the links. :)
The spoiler thing isn't surprising once you read it, but I know when the finale aired my mind didn't go there. Maybe because I prefer Lee single? ;-)
that's what i thought too. i wasn't really surprised, but i just didn't consider it. am thinking his issues with kara might stem from that, and from her own marriage to sam. just a thought...

i really feel like strangling the directors/producers/whoever is responsible for cutting so much out of eps. :(