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Time Lords and Pirates and Vipor Pilots, Oh My

Series 2 or Season 28 (or however you refer to it) of Doctor Who has come to a close. Why am I not terribly surprised that my take differs from every other I've read? I didn't cry, I didn't even get chocked up. I'm happy that the Doctor found a way to say goodbye (though that along with a lot of other things I don't buy the science/logic of). But cut him off just before he says "I love you"?! That is soooo predicatble, not to mention robbing the fans of their moment.

And I'm torn about the Jackie/Pete situation. I'm happy for Jackie in that she got her daughter back, has another child on the way, and has a successful husband with plenty of money and a big house. On the other hand, you have two people who really don't know each other falling into a relationship because the person they did love is dead. Sure, there are probably some shared memories, but they are not the same people.

I hope Rose and Mickey don't end up together because he deserves better than knowing he's her second choice.

Wow. The Daleks and Cybermen sure know how to be pissy. And isn't defensiveness and sniping the result of anger, an emotion? And how did the head of Torchwood manage to hold on to her individuality enough to make a last stand? Devotion to Queen and country is enough to withstand Cyber programming?

One Dalek got away. Think we'll see it next series? :p And please explain to me how millions of of Daleks and Cybermen get sucked through the vortex, most from thousands of miles away, but the Doctor and Rose just have to hang on to a bar to be safe?

I know, you are all thinking I'm thinking too much. I can actually accept some lapses in logic, it's how I got through Buffy, BSG, and season 4 of 'Farscape', but there were just too many here for me to really get into this episode.

On a happier note ;), I saw Pirates of the Caribbean this morning. If you haven't heard/read it had a 132 million dollar weekend - a new record. It would help to explain how a 10am showing was 75% full. I'm still leaning to the first film as being better, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The effects were amazing, which is usually a given in film today, but the thing about the effects here is that they were part of the story, not detracting from it. Effects, action, character moments all flowed seamlessly together. Johnny I felt improved on his performance. There were subtler Captain Jack moments. And the sword fight (which I loved in the first film) was superior here. Totally unbelieveable of course, but it rocked technically. And kudos to Johnny's double for getting his mannerisms down.

I do have a few quibbles. Please don't pass out from the shock. ;p It seemed a tad long. There is a need to set up the story and get everyone back together, but I just felt it could have been tighter. And the love triangle left me cold. I can understand Elizabeth being intrigued with pirates and Jack in particular, but I don't buy her being attracted to him in that way if anything because she's a realist as much as a dreamer and she knows exactly what kind of man Jack is. This is an adventure movie, lets not get bogged down in C plots. Also, did anyone think 'Return of the Jedi' when Will was tied upside down being carried through the jungle to meet their god and discovered C3PO Jack?

Norrington, how I adored him in this. I love good guys with a dark side and we see the worst of him here. Did he really sell them out? I'm not sure. But it's not like he didn't have cause.

Barbossa! Wow. That was a great reveal. I had heard that Geoffrey Rush was coming back, but I thought perhaps not until the third film. (I was also under the impression that the Davy Jones storyline was to be wrapped up here, but, nope.) Now, he really did die in the last film so how did he come back? And is that how Jack will be brought back? Did Jack die in the belly of the beast? Oh, and did anyone spot Barbossa earlier? My friend S swears that she saw his boots in the earlier scene in the shack when the monkey ran off.

All and all an entertaining sequel (a rarity) that makes me anxious for the third installment.

I'm seeing bits and pieces of info pop up around LJ from Jamie's Q&A at Shore Leave this weekend. He mentioned some spoilery stuff, nothing major (they really are clamping down!) and nothing I hadn't already heard accept for one tiny thing. Apprenetly Pudgy Lee will be gone by Ep 4. May I say Woo and Hoo. :)

Now off to clean some more. I think I still have company coming this week. ;-)
About Doctor Who... I did notice all the things you mentioned. And yes some of it was just beyond stupid. But because it worked on an emotional level I just couldn't care less. The job the episode had to do was to separate Rose and The Doctor - she'd never leave him voluntarily, so they either had to kill her or do something stupidly contrived. They went with the latter and I thought it worked very well! :)

(Although seeing Catherine Tate at the end made me want to throw sporks at the tv. I hope he hits her over the head many times! Grrrr.) (She's a 'comedian' that I find utterly unfunny. Thank goodness that she's a one-off!)
I didn't want to see Rose die because that would have been a major downer. And I don't think the show wanted to rule out the possibility of her doing a guest spot. Yeah, he supposedly sealed the void, but he also supposedly killed all the Daleks...twice. ;) But I didn't find it an emotionally satisfying ending. I think I would have rather seen her have to make that choice and choose to leave him. It would have been much more gutwrenching to see her voluntary leave this person she loves so much.

I don't know who this Cathrine Tate is, though I think her show airs here now, but I've seen a lot of people not happy with her appearance. And it's odd how they said introducing her as The Bride like she's the new companion or something when we know she's not.
Wow, $132 million and the weekend isn't over yet :) I feel pretty much the way you did about it. I didn't quite buy Elizabeth and Jack, though I think I would have bought it more had she not kissed him, kept it more unrequited. Though I guess there had to be a way for her to chain him to the mast ;) The length of the movie has been a point in all the reviews I saw, even the positive ones, so hopefully Jerry B. and company take heed for the next one.

A reviewer spilled the beans on Geoffrey Rush, so I was expecting to see him, and I was still surprised to see him at the end :)

And a thinner Jamie by ep.4? Yay!
You make an interesting point about Elizabeth and Jack not kissing. I think I would have preferred it that way. I could *maybe* see her wondering what if? After all, Jack is weird and rarely makes sense, but he does look like Johnny Depp. ;) And I could have accepted the kiss if the sole purpose of the kiss was to back him up so she could cuff him to the ship. But she obviously enjoyed it and was very torn up by her decision which means she has feelings for him and...just not buying it.

I haven't read any reviews. This is one of the few films I was looking forward to seeing and didn't want anyone to ruin it for me. If every reviewer pointed out it was too long, I hope the filmakers listen and cut about fifteen minutes or so the next time out. They can always put the deleted stuff on the DVD release.
I kept wondering where Jake was at the end. I really hope he and Mickey run off together and leave Rose alone. That one Torchwood guy did say they had some psychic training when he didn't fall for Rose's psychic paper? Maybe? Still flimsy at best and I just found the oil tear eye rolling.

Pete's timing there sure was great, wasn't it?
Hmmm, the psychic training could have something to do with it, but it seems quite a stretch. And don't get me started on the oil tear. Puh-leez.

I forgot to mention Pete's perfect timing. Again, with the force of that void how did he and Rose not get sucked in? They must have been there for about two seconds.
Doctor Who left me very blah. Apparently I have a heart of stone or something. Yes, the emo moments were nice, and I enjoyed Pete/Jackie, but Rose's story left a bitter taste in my mouth. I think her opportunity to grow up was fucked up by Russell. Ok, maybe I'll see it differently in a few days, that's how I feel right now.
. Apparently I have a heart of stone or something.

I've been told that so many times I've lost count. Let's start a club! :)

I think my problem is that all the big emotional moments felt very contirved and forced. And how many times are we going to get the hands reaching out on the other side of the wall scene? It's been done too many times to make me feel much now.

I think it was important for Rose to make a choice and she had that taken away from her. I was really hoping they were going to show that, as much as she loved the Doctor, that she'd come to realize that this life she's living can't go on forever. Heck, she probably wouldn't end up living that much longer. It would have been a very mature thing for her to say I love you, but I need to start living MY life.

Is it my imagination or is Russell rivaling Ron in the despised creator department? ;)
I was really hoping they were going to show that, as much as she loved the Doctor, that she'd come to realize that this life she's living can't go on forever.

Exactly. Rose should go talk to Sarah Jane, maybe there's one in her universe.

Is it my imagination or is Russell rivaling Ron in the despised creator department? ;)

I haven't read many reactions, but I wouldn't be surprised. Joss, watch out.
I cried buckets during Doomsday, but the ending made me uncomfortable. She has to live a life she doesn't want to lead, never able to meet up with the Doctor, and missing him and their life together, forever? It just seems unnecessarily bleak to me. I almost wish they had killed her off, because it seems like Rose is stuck in a really awful situation and that really upset me.
One of the producers, I don't remember who, maybe even Russell, said that it was an optimistic ending. Err, not to me. I think Rose came out more as a victim.

At least there's that Jackie/Rose hug at the end.

I do, too. She didn't choose her life with Jackie and Pete, it was forced upon her, and it was made pretty clear she felt trapped and wanted to stay with the Doctor. To leave her trapped in a life she doesn't want with no other alternative is pretty awful, I thought, and not optimistic at all. I mean, she's now stuck in the life that she said she didn't want: work, go home, eat chips. Sure, there's Torchwood, but Rose was left obviously heart-broken and I think that's an awful way for her to go out.
Someone on my Flist made an interesting observation that Torchwood was created on our earth because of the Doctor. So why was the one on the other earth created? Do they have their own Doctor? Had he been there before his most recent trip and didn't recall it? Which, again, makes Rose's situation rather sad. Did she go to work there because of her alien knowledge or to keep a coonection to the Doctor? Anyone who drives to Norway in the middle of the night because of a dream is not happy.
That is a good point. Is there an alternate universe Doctor, even? I see great potential for fanfic, there ;)

I just can't see how a shot of Rose falling apart on the beach is an optimistic ending. I mean, it would obviously not be optimistic if she were dead, but at least the last we saw of Rose would be her being heroic, rather than, you know, crushed and in despair.
I notice how extremely wrong I was in my prediction of what would happen. The main annoyance for me is that Captain Jack was utterly right in his prediction. *rolls eyes*

Gah. Hated it.
Gah. Hated it.

I thought of you while I watched and had a feeling that was going to be your response. ;-)