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First off, I rarely ever watch Inside the Actors Studio. It would be a great show if not for the host and his stupid questions. But tonight Robert Downey Jr was on and I was intrigued by the possibility of seeing an hour with a clean and sober Robert. I think I smiled throughout the entire interview simply because he was healthy and happy and honest about his colorful past. God I hope this sticks because he's so talented and working consistantly again. I'm sure this will be repeated, if you're a fan, check it out.

On Friday brynnmck announced the Why Can't We Be Friends Ficathon. An idea born on the road somewhere between Seattle and Vancouver which I have agreed to co-mod. Yes, I am insane in case you haven't already noticed. Anyway, I have many talented writers on my Flist and I encourage you to cough up 500 words or else I'll... please sign up. Porn's great, but sometimes characters just need to talk. If you have two favorite characters who you don't wish to imagine having sex, here's your chance to have that happen. 'Core' fandoms are listed, but you also get wildcard options. So if you've dreamnt about Helo and Angel sitting down to talk about the perils of having otherworldly children now's the time to ask. And if you don't feel you can contribute, please spread the word. The more people we have sign up the more likely I am to get my Lee and Helo fic. :) Comments are being screened so we can protect fandom from how crazy we all are for the time being.

And, finally, my friend S and I got talking about bad movies today, more specifically, the worst film we own on DVD. We had quite the debate with her assuring me she has far more bad films than I do. I brought up Ghost Rig and spending a week downloading season 1 of Ultimate Force. But I had to admit defeat when she brought up her love of Ice Pirates and how excited she was when it finally came out on DVD. The point of me stating all this is I thought it might be fun to ask what is the worst movie you own? The one you are almost embarassed to admit having, but, dammit, you like it or at least had a damn good reason for buying it. I perused my DVDs again this evening and I have to say, it looks like Ghost Rig remains the winner for me. ;-)
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It's a tie between 'Office Space' with Jennifer Aniston and 'Club Dread' - bwah!
Aw, man. I would never argue that Office Space is a good movie (because, clearly, that would be impossible), but those of us who work in software love it and pet it and call it George, and then make Swingline stapler jokes to each other.
I have a VHS copy of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I freaking LOVED that movie when it came out, don't ask me why. Quite possibly something to do with Christian Slater. Haven't watched it in years, though.

On DVD, it's probably a tie between Bring It On (which I adore and watch at least a couple of times a year) and For Love of the Game, which is a Kevin Costner baseball movie that's infinitely inferior to Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, but I love it and Mr. McK and I watch it every year after the Mariners' season ends, whenever that happens.

Clearly, I have some sort of weakness for Kevin Costner. That's distressing.

Dude, WAIT till you see some of the ficathon requests we're getting. SO AWESOME.
Clearly, I have some sort of weakness for Kevin Costner. That's distressing.

same here... i have way too many of his movies. and i actually got the special 3 disc dvd edition of said robin hood - prince of thieves. i still love it. :)
I don't have many DVDs (yet), but so far it's Reservoir Dogs. I honestly don't remember what compelled me to buy it other than it was on sale. Plus it has Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, etc. Other than that, it's not something I plan to rewatch anytime soon. I'm hoping to give it away to somebody who'll appreciate all the gore and early Tarantino writing.
Sales can be a powerful motivating factor. ;) I've never actually seen the entire movie. I recall a lot of blood. Still, I think it was well reviewed so I wouldn't call it shameful. :)
OMG, I just watched that movie for the first time a few months ago! Cheesy goodness badness! The Pirates of Penzance fan in me was turning in my living grave. And yet I sorta relished every minute of it.
I enjoyed Actor's Studio tonight too. I do watch regularly, no matter who the guest is, but I agree that Downey was particularly intriguing to listen to.

The worst movie I own is probably Ronnie & Julie, a Canadian TV-movie update of Romeo and Juliet. Ronnie is a hockey player and Julie is a figure skater and their parents are running against each other in the mayoral election. Ronnie is played by Joshua Jackson, so I bought this movie during the height of my Joshua Jackson love. I think there was exactly 1 copy of this movie for sale on the internet, and I'm the one who bought it. I've only watched it once (during a Josh-a-thon with a friend) but I think that's probably enough.

Oh, but I also bought some crappy movies during my Michael Vartan phase, including "Touch Me" (with Amanda Peet as a woman with AIDS and Vartan as the man who may or may not stand by her side) and "Fiorile" (I don't even remember the plot, but the movie is in French and Italian and Vartan plays the cello.) What we've learned here today is that my celebrity boyfriends coax me into buying bad movies!

And I agree that Ghost Rig is horrible. But it's Jamie and Kerry, so it still makes me smile. Though I don't own it, like some people I know. :)
Robert was also pretty adorable when it came to his wife. There seemed to be a lot of genuine affection there - I hope it lasts! And I loved her talking about how weird she thought he was when she first met him and when asked how she felt about him now, "Oh, I still think he's weird." :)

I've nvere gotten into Vartan enough to endure his crappy movies. I have watched 'Monster in Law' and 'Never Been Kissed' more than once though. I didn't realize just jow creepy the latter film was when I first saw it years ago. Drew's character may not have been high School age, but he thought she was!

'Ghost Rig' only cost me six bucks. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)
I actually only own about 3 movies on DVD, and all of them are good. But I have 8 seasons of home-recorded Stargate, and that's got to count for something.

Though obviously your Ghost Rig should clear the field.
Though obviously your Ghost Rig should clear the field.

I don't know, there is some stiff competition here. And at least Jamie can say he met his wife and mother of his children doing it so it has one redeeming quality.

When you start buying the DVD box sets of 'Stargate' then I'll really begin to worry.
ah. mine's probably xena: season 5. that was a stinker of a season. it's still in its plastic wrap, too.
I own Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones on DVD. It's the only one I own I've never watched (save the last two discs of Deadwood season two I haven't yet had time to watch).
I own a copy of that too and it's still in the shrink wrap. My friend S was pestering me for ideas for a Christmas gift and refused to just get me a gift card so I threw that title out, in large part because she despised the prequels and I knew it would kill her to have to buy a copy. :)
signed up for the fichaton. :) hehe! thanx for the headsup.

worst movie i own... hmmm... usually, if i get them, i get them cause i like them. but the worse thing i have, and am vaguely ashamed i own it is starsky and hutch... i was in my owen wilson phase (which is a BAD place to be) and got it. it's vile, really... probably not as bad as the new miami vice will be though. :)

also, the cave isn't exactly what i'd call good. it's very pretty, and it's conscious of its own badness, but still...

oh! and daddy day care, which i got because anjelica huston was in it. what.the.fuck.was.she.thinking? yeah... i think the concludes the list. :)
signed up for the fichaton.


I'm more of a Luke Wilson gal and I don't even think I own any of his films.
Worst movie? You're seriously asking this? You forget that you have someone from Smallville fandom on your f'list! *giggle* Um, how's Sorority Boys AND Rave Macbeth?!?

Rave Macbeth had to be ordered from the Philippines. It's uh... so much worse than it sounds. Really. But that didn't stop me squeeing when it arrived or squeeing over Michael Rosenbaum's performance.

The Why Can't We Be Friends ficathon sounds awesome, btw.
Hmmm, Michael has done some stinkers. And Jamie hasn't dressed up in drag on film yet, so you may have an advantage here. ;)

I've gone to the extreme of ordering stuff from England and Australia, but the Philippines??? That is dedication to your lust object. :)

The Why Can't We Be Friends ficathon sounds awesome, btw.

Thanks! We need readers as well as writers, so I hope you check out the results. I'm a little scared with what I may end up with. I've only written BSG fic thus far.
I have the boxed set of Indiana Jones movies, which unfortunately includes the second one - Temple of Doom. When I bought the boxed set, I remembered that back in the day I thought the second movie was not as good, but I had no clue how v.v.v. bad it is. It's unwatchable.
I don't think of that film as bad, but there are many things that annoy me about it, particularly Short Round and Willie and her constant screaming. 'The Last Crusade' has it's share of issues too, but Sean Connery was great casting as Indy's father.
I'm glad someone else was enjoying RDJr.'s interview - typically I can stand th show, and I still had to mute James Lipton whenever he started talking, but overall it was wonderful to see RDJr not only looking happy and healthy, but looking damn good while doing it.
He did look really good didn't he? The last few times I've seen him he looked OK, but I had the feeling the drugs had taken their toll on him physically. But he looked healthy and younger than his years last night. Maybe it just took a couple years to clean up the damage that he did in thirty years to his body.

And when James Lipton looked shocked at Robert's response to how he got through some film ("black tar heroin"), Robert laughed and couldn't understand how he didn't see some of this coming.
Thanks I'll try and catch that ep. Also you saw Robert is in the latest Keanu film (A Scanner Darkly)?

As for worst movie I own, according to the Farscape group its eXistenZ, but I feel its Dirty Work or Joe's Apartment!
'Joe's Apartment'? That's the one that was spun off from an MTV short involving cockroaches isn't it? Yeah, that's worse.
I've admired and adored RDJ ever since I saw him in Chaplin. I'm sorry I missed him on Actors Studio. Hope I can catch it the next time around.
I'm sure it will be repeated. He was amazing in 'Chaplin'. From talk of his upcoming projects, it sounds like he is working on some interesting projects.

And glad to 'see' you again! :)
I'd have to say the worst DVD I own is Chance. I tried to be generous when I first saw it, but it just doesn't warrant a second viewing. I know the original reason I bought it was to see James, but even that is no longer an incentive ;)