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writteninstars and anglophileangel headed back home this morning. It was marvelous having them here and I miss them already.

The gals arrived a wee bit late on Thursday (maybe next time Wis will head my warnings about Michigan road construction ;p) so after a short time talking and a quick meal at Wendy’s we made our way to the Panic! At the Disco show. I still fail to understand Wis’s fixation with barely legal Brendon Urie nor did I become a fan of the band’s music, but they did put on an entertaining stage show and you got to give credit to a lead singer who will go out there and dance. The highlights for me were getting rock star parking (TM danceswithwords), finding no line in the lady’s room (when does that ever happen?!), and making twenty bucks. Wis and I had general admission to the floor whereas Angel, who purchased her ticket separately, had to sit in the bleachers, bowl, whatever you wish to call it. Wis and I opted to find seats with her since neither (but particularly me) had no desire in getting crushed to death by a stampeding heard of teenagers. One of said teens noticed the pink wristband I was wearing (to gain admittance to the floor), asked me if I intended to move down there at any point (hell no), and immediately offered me $20 for it. Who was I to say no?

Friday I took the girls to Saugatuck (try to get it right Wis :p), had great weather by their standards, and their enjoyment of that area far exceeded my expectations. We managed to control our shopping tendencies, each of us only succumbing to some fairly inexpensive jewelry.

Since we were filled up on food and heading home in 5 o’clock traffic we opted just to crash at my apartment. There was a discussion of films and celebrity boyfriends and I quickly discovered that Angel is a huge Ioan Gruffud fan which, with my love of Jamie, led to a discussion of Hornblower, The Slash, and me digging out The Duchess and the Devil to show Wis the scenes that launched a thousand fanfics. Following that, I discovered that neither had seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and quickly enlightened them both to its brilliance. Seriously, whoever reading this has not seen that film, do so ASAP. They’ll be a quiz later.

There was also Stargate viewing (a concession to me), marveling at Claudia, and mocking just about everything else. I plan to comment more, but I need to rewatch first.

After the gates, Wis asked Angel if she was up to some more sci-fi and maybe watching some BSG. Let me reiterate that it was not I who made that suggestion. After a short debate (and danceswithwords via IM shooting down my suggestion :p) we watched the first half of the mini. Angel claimed she enjoyed what she saw and proved it on Saturday when she brought up watching the rest as we returned from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes folks, we’ve hooked another one! No word on ship preferences yet. ;)

Saturday involved *a lot* of movie watching. We ventured out in the morning for breakfast and a tour of downtown and surrounding areas. I took them into one cool store where they sadly were unable to buy anything because they are being good and saving for their upcoming move. Then it was ‘Pirates’ (Which Wis had not seen yet. Yes, she’s the one who missed it last weekend), BSG, and some Ioan viewing. romanticalgirl had sent me some Ioan goodness (or badness depending how you look at it - she knows what I mean ;) which I had not yet had time to view and with a fellow fan available I thought now was the perfect time.

We started with Another Life because I was promised nudity and, in the movie. In that respect the film was good. As were the performances for the most part. But, beyond that, the movie confounds explanation. The plot (woman and her lover plot to kill asshole husband) was straightforward, but the presentation of this ‘true story’ was bizarre. It veered wildly from humor to seriousness. And then there were fantasy elements thrown in at random. I’m not sure if it was trying to emulate ‘Heavenly Creatures’ on some level or was just an utter mess in tone and execution.

After a dinner break and watching the last hour of the original ‘Pirates’ on USA, we gave Man and Boy a shot. Funny thing was Wis had come across the title while looking up the lead actress in ‘Another Life’ and made a comment about having read the book. I didn’t know it had been a book; she didn’t know I had the movie! While the movie had some flaws (sketchy reasoning as to the leads actions) and making me feel sympathy for the wife for about ten minutes before wishing she’d stay in Japan forever, I have to say it was vastly superior to ‘Another Life’. Outside of ‘Hornblower’ I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ioan so adorable and I loved his relationship with his son. The little boy rocked and he was so sweet he made Wis’s ovaries weep (that’s a direct quote :). Plus there were some terrific fashion choices for Ioan here unlike the ones he’s made on his own recently. I shared a recent photo of him from a fashion show in Milan which lead to Wis referring to him as a young Keith Richards all weekend and Angel about ready to throttle her.

So those were the highlights. Did I mention how much I miss them already? Hopefully we won’t go so long between visits in the future. And for those of you still reading this…you’re still reading this? Geesh. It was mostly for my benefit. ;p

To all the BSG folks who don’t already know or need a reminder, an extended preview (whatever that means) airs during the premiere of Eureka on Tuesday. Set those VCRs/DVRs!
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The scene leading into the kiss in her house and the naked ass following it make Another Life worthwhile. I guess I should have mentioned that watching it for anything like "plot" or "story" or "comprehensibility" would be unwise.

Man and Boy is much love. The movie and the book are actually quite complimentary to each other, which is rare. Ioan *is* Harry Silver from the book, and the entire time I read it, I could see and hear him, which is never a bad thing.

Glad you guys enjoyed them!
I guess I should have mentioned that watching it for anything like "plot" or "story" or "comprehensibility" would be unwise.

Hee. Well, I didn't recall you recommending the film for any other reason than nakedness and much sex going on. Which, on those counts, was an excellent recommendation. Ioan's ass may have saved the film. ;)

The plot was easy enough to follow it's just the bizzare way they chose to tell the story. And they're suppose to keep their relationship discreet, yet they convort in public together. We're too believe she was innocent of any involvement in her husband's murder, yet she fed him broken glass and tried to poison him? And I'm thinking way too much about this.

Wis mentioned that 'Man and Boy' was a pretty faithful adaption of the book. The relationship with the sone was just awwwwwww inducing. I was terrified he was going to try and work things out with the wife. And don't get me started on her constant criticism of 'Star Wars'! >:(

And I need to find some Ioan icons...
Yes, they weren't, subtle. At all. Some of the stuff the movie did, I guess, is sort of artistic license. Supposedly Edie kept diaries and letters of what she wrote to Freddie and plotted and stuff, but there wasn't any real proof that she actually *did* try to kill him. The wiki entry on it is pretty interesting and gives you a much better idea of the actual events/trial. Though I'll warn you, Ioan's much prettier than the real thing.

In "Man and Boy", I loved that she bitched about him letting the kid watch Star Wars all the time, with its violence and such, and then they bought the kid a really!big!gun! Harry has his issues, but I think he's a good guy who screwed up then did his best to make it right with a wife who suddenly became something he never knew she was - and maybe that was part of the problem. As for Cyd, I didn't like her much in the book and the movie Cyd didn't really do much for me either (other than make me think "is that Rene Russo?" a couple of times). Apparently there's a sequel called "Man and Wife", which is, according to one of my friends, "Really sucky". Hee.

And I need to find some Ioan icons

My work here is done. *cackles maniacally*
Lap dance! You I can never watch that enough.

Sweetheart, you were so sweet to show us around your city and Saugatuck (I'm pronouncing it right in my mind). We had an awesome time. This is why you are one of my favorite people in the whole world.
This is why you are one of my favorite people in the whole world.

The feeling is mutual. :)

And, yes, you can watch that enough. I may actually be relieved when VM starts back up again. ;p
Mmm, Another Life. Damn, he looks good in that movie. Damn, that movie sucks. ;:uses appropriate icon::

Man and Boy was shiny and pretty and I really kind of hated both Harry and both of his leading ladies. So I probably won't ever watch it again? But awww, Ioan and kid is SO cute.
I didn't like Harry in the beginning. 29 and having a mid-life crisis? Cheating on his wife and then trying to convince her it was no big deal? Yeah, I would have backed into his car too. But then the wife got all whiny about how she gave up her life for her family and how *everything* was his fault and that's where I go, 'Hey, no one forced you to stay home and be a wife and mother. No one told you not to speak up for yourself.' Which ended up making me more sympathetic to him. And I liked Cyd, but since we saw so little of their relationship I have no idea how he deduced this was *the* woman for him.
I'm not sure about my BSG pairing yet. I'll have to get a little further into the series before I can root a couple on. I semi-liked Another Life, but who can complain about Ioan and sex and nakedness, but I loved Man and Boy.

We *did* watch a lot of movies/t.v. this weekend, but this is pretty much what Crystal and I do anyway, so we were right at home.

Thank you, again, for being such a wonderful hostess.
Another Life bordered on 'This is so bad it's funny' so, in that respect, it was entertaining and watching it with a group into mocking helped. ;) Plus Ioan's ass made it worthwhile.

Man and Boy I liked well enough to watch again. And it's made me want to learn how to make icons. :)

Thank you, again, for being such a wonderful hostess.

And thank YOU for being such a delightful guest.
Yes folks, we’ve hooked another one! No word on ship preferences yet.

*pre-emptively sends her Lee/Kara welcome packet with complimentary finger painting kit and glow-in-the-dark viper pen*
But did he break her out of jail? Noooooo.

Oh, just watch, she'll end up being a Sharon/Helo fan. ;p
Following that, I discovered that neither had seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and quickly enlightened them both to its brilliance. Seriously, whoever reading this has not seen that film, do so ASAP

Okay, I know this is a completely bizarre question, but did you mention Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to anyone on LJ yesterday? Like, in a comment somewhere? Because I dreamed that you did. Or, I read it last night right before going to bed and *thought* it was a dream. Either way, it feels like deja vu now.:)

And yes, everyone should watch it!
I don't recall mentioning it anywhere on LJ before I posted. I think you are going insane experiencing deja vu.
sounds like a lovely lovely weekend but I think to avoid further emotional distress at their leaving, you should just duct tape'em to your apartment.

It comes in pretty colors now so you could color co-ordinate.
Yes, but who would watch them while I'm at work? Who would change their water and let them down to go to the bathroom?
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time, and I'm glad to see the oppressive heat did not dampen your activities. You are a wonderful hostess, as I well know :)

You went to Saugatuck! We haven't been there in years; Cindy was just mentioning the place we stayed at the other day, The Wickwood Inn. The fact that you kept your shopping to a minimum is a testament to your will power.

Thank you for mentioning Man and Boy, I haven't heard of it, so I will check it out. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, that's the Val Kilmer movie, right? I have been wanting to check it out, so thanks for the rec on that as well :)
I prefer to think of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as the Robert Downey Jr movie, but it would be one in the same. ;) I'm not sure Man and Boy is available on DVD. I have a bootleg and can only play it on my computer (imagine the three of us huddled around a 15" screen) due to region coding issues. I can make you a copy though if you can sit in front of your computer. :)
Ack, I kept drawing a blank trying to think of Robert Downey, I knew he was in it!

I would be very grateful for a copy of Man and Boy, when you get a chance, thank you! :) By the same token, if you are interested in Great Expectations and/or Solomon and Gaenor, just let me know.
I'll probably work on some recording tonight while I await the debut of the BSG promo. And I actually received a copy of 'Soloman and Gaenor', but heard it was rather depressing and with PMS approaching I figured now is not the time to watch it.
Wis referring to him as a young Keith Richards all weekend and Angel about ready to throttle her.

I see they maintained the status quo. ;)

I'm very happy you had the opportunity to enjoy these two lovely ladies. In their aftermath, I suggest aspirin and bedrest. What? I'm kidding.
I due need asprin and bedrest but I can honestly say it has nothing to do with them.