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Battlestar Galactica Preview

I cannot believe I sat through 90 minutes of Eureka for a minute of footage. Wait. Yes, I can.

This seems like a truncated version of what was shown at the MTR event.

Six to Baltar: “Sometimes you have to do things you hate so you can survive to fight another day.”

Anders to who knows: “Galactica is not coming back, just accept that.”

Tigh with gauze over his right eye, looking very scruffy: “The old man won’t just leave us to the Cylons.”

Shot of D’Ana

Lee to Adama: “Our first responsibility is to the survival of humanity. If we go back to New Caprica now humanity just stops. It’s over.”

Kara in a robe in jail. (This looks potentially dreamlike)

D’Ana to Six: “Is the love of that man really worth losing all of this.” Cut to Baltar and Six in his bedroom (?). Six: “If you’d ever experienced love, you wouldn’t have to ask”

Tyrol holding a baby with Cally near by

Sharon to Adama: “I don’t think we can survive if the man at the top can’t find a way to forgive himself.”

Dee to Lee (I’m guessing): “You’ve lost your edge…You’re a soldier who needs a war.”

Shots of firefights.

Leoben holding a little girl with blonde curly hair: “This is Kara, your mother.” And we see Kara in a house/apartment. (Again, I’m thinking dream/hallucination unless the Cylons have been building condos on new Caprica.)

Laura to someone: “Our children need to know that some people fought back.”

See people on Galactica (?) fighting as well as fighting on New Caprica

Dee to Lee: “What are you going to Do?" Lee: "What I should have done a long time ago.” Lee walks out of the CIC.

Fighting on New Caprica – Sharon is in Galactica uniform fighting with the Resistance

Cally running through the woods

D’Ana tossing furniture, obviously angry

Kara kicking Leoben (?) to the floor

Baltar begging someone with a gun under his chin to shoot him

Final shot - Adama telling Lee they are going back.

There was also a bunch of wording on the screen along with the images and dialogue, but I didn’t bother transcribing that.

Dead Like Me didn’t wow me, but I enjoyed it enough to keep watching. Eureka, I think I’m done with it. Forty-five minutes into the show I was *still* waiting for them to start telling the story. A half hour later I was getting the story, but didn’t find it original or even an interesting variation on an old story. Some of the acting is good, some, not so much. Bottom line, I just don’t care.

In slightly related news, I *have* to get a DVD recorder. My VCR recording of the promo sucks.
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The Baltar/Six stuff looked really intriguing. I don't know what to make of the Kara and Leoben stuff (other than to be thrilled that we'll get to see more interaction between those two), but while normally I'd be freaking out a little about the possibility of a baby, I got a dreamlike sense from a lot of those scenes too, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it's handled--I can't believe I'm saying this, after "Black Market", but I at least want to trust that the show will make whatever happens work.
The way the little girl was presented in the clips, I'm more convinced then ever it's not Kara's child and Leoben is trying to manipulate her. I don't think Kara wants to be a mom, but I could see her being fiercely protective of a child whether it's hers or not and that being used against her.