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Battlestar Galactica Preview

I cannot believe I sat through 90 minutes of Eureka for a minute of footage. Wait. Yes, I can.

This seems like a truncated version of what was shown at the MTR event.

Six to Baltar: “Sometimes you have to do things you hate so you can survive to fight another day.”

Anders to who knows: “Galactica is not coming back, just accept that.”

Tigh with gauze over his right eye, looking very scruffy: “The old man won’t just leave us to the Cylons.”

Shot of D’Ana

Lee to Adama: “Our first responsibility is to the survival of humanity. If we go back to New Caprica now humanity just stops. It’s over.”

Kara in a robe in jail. (This looks potentially dreamlike)

D’Ana to Six: “Is the love of that man really worth losing all of this.” Cut to Baltar and Six in his bedroom (?). Six: “If you’d ever experienced love, you wouldn’t have to ask”

Tyrol holding a baby with Cally near by

Sharon to Adama: “I don’t think we can survive if the man at the top can’t find a way to forgive himself.”

Dee to Lee (I’m guessing): “You’ve lost your edge…You’re a soldier who needs a war.”

Shots of firefights.

Leoben holding a little girl with blonde curly hair: “This is Kara, your mother.” And we see Kara in a house/apartment. (Again, I’m thinking dream/hallucination unless the Cylons have been building condos on new Caprica.)

Laura to someone: “Our children need to know that some people fought back.”

See people on Galactica (?) fighting as well as fighting on New Caprica

Dee to Lee: “What are you going to Do?" Lee: "What I should have done a long time ago.” Lee walks out of the CIC.

Fighting on New Caprica – Sharon is in Galactica uniform fighting with the Resistance

Cally running through the woods

D’Ana tossing furniture, obviously angry

Kara kicking Leoben (?) to the floor

Baltar begging someone with a gun under his chin to shoot him

Final shot - Adama telling Lee they are going back.

There was also a bunch of wording on the screen along with the images and dialogue, but I didn’t bother transcribing that.

Dead Like Me didn’t wow me, but I enjoyed it enough to keep watching. Eureka, I think I’m done with it. Forty-five minutes into the show I was *still* waiting for them to start telling the story. A half hour later I was getting the story, but didn’t find it original or even an interesting variation on an old story. Some of the acting is good, some, not so much. Bottom line, I just don’t care.

In slightly related news, I *have* to get a DVD recorder. My VCR recording of the promo sucks.
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Yeah, before it aired I even heard it compared to the F word (Farscape). ummm Yeah...

I caught the rebroadcast of SG-1 last night, where have I seen the daughter before? 4400?