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Things Discovered

* Avril Lavigne's wedding was traditional and tasteful. Color me shocked.

* BSG spoilers always seem to come out during a certain time of the month when I'm all hormonal and should not be reading them because then I become obsessive girl.

* Taking three Advil and drinking a Smirnoff Ice a short time later has the power to make the room move.

* The premiere of Eureka had four million viewers making it the Sci-Fi channels most watched series. I'm waiting viewership to drop to two million next week and Sci-Fi realizing they need to start showing more BSG promos. :)

* The cable company sent me a flyer telling me that I have the On Demand service already available to me for Free! Yeah, I didn't quite buy that either. Turns out the movies are either old and run on cable all the time or they are new and pay per view. But at $3.99 that's not a bad deal. The selection of shows is *very* limited, but I saw a couple I might watch using the service. But the best part? Movie Trailers! I can show up to the movies late and it won't matter now!

* Thanks to soundingsea I have now read two Seth/Ryan fics...and liked them. I'll still never get Spander though. ;p

* I started a VOX account though I'm still rather iffy on the whole thing. It seems nicer than My Space and has a couple interesting features, but I think I prefer the more cozy and streamlined environment of LJ.

OK, I'm going to try watching last weeks Stargate's again so maybe I'll have some clue as to what is happening tomorrow.

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