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Stargate - 100% BSG Promo Free :(

When will writers learn that sleeping sickness does not make for exciting TV viewing? *I* was having trouble staying awake. And it’s probably just me, but I’m completely lost when it comes to their spin on Arthurian legend.

The B storyline, AKA Vala’s storyline, I did quite enjoy. I loved how she did research in order to pass her psych test (and cracked Daniel’s password in order to do so :). I also loved the facial expressions she made as the lie detector ratted her out. And when she learned she was going to be allowed to be a part of team it was quite touching at how touched she was.

However, I’m already a bit worried that they are watering down her character. She seemed a little too much like an eager child desiring acceptance at the end. She’s also hung around SG-1 enough to know there is no loot to be shared so that seemed a little silly. And because it’s danceswithwords favorite subject, Claudia’s hair is gorgeous, but the pigtails? Not really working for me.

Ok, while I know that SG-1 abhors romance and if they were going to pair Vala with anyone it’s probably going to be Daniel, but that scene at the end where Cam gets really close and lays down the law with her? Yeah, if anyone comes across any good Cam/Vala fic please let me know. :)

Hey, at least the ep seemed to tie in with last week and have some forward momentum unlike SG-1.

Is Woolsey like becoming a regular? He seems to be everywhere. Of course, it looks like we’ll be getting another crossover next week so actually everyone is everywhere.

Why does Conner Trinneer get to keep his own hair while the rest of the Wraith guest stars wear really, really, really bad wigs? Halle Berry’s wig in the first ‘X-Men’ was great compared to these.

I understand that the Wraith are very, very bad, I mean, they eat us, but I still question us playing god. And I can’t really blame Michael and the others for killing the red shirts security detail because, ya know, they’ve tried to kill who he is twice now.

Anyone think some of the Wraith, like Michael, survived the attack?
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