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News from Comic Con

OK, this is a BSG spoiler free zone...however ;), there is a bit of casting news from Comic Con and I know even some of the spoilerphobes on my Flist don't mind hearing about guest stars. So beneath the cut is just the name of the actor and no mention of the role he/she is playing or how he/she affects the plot. Carl Lumbly will be guest starring! Dixon! My fandoms are colliding! :) That is all.
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And I'm hoping that maybe his character will stick around. BSG has a tendency to expand roles if they like a character or actor. Helo being a prime example.
Aww yeah! He's awesome! And I'm glad he's playing in another great series so soon after Alias's cancellation.
Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed he survives to return for more eps. :)

It always cheers me when middle-aged and older actors get gigs. No idea why.
Now if only older actresses would get up close and personal with their young male co-stars. ;-)