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The Lows and Highs of Saturday

Low: Learned I need to prioritize the hard way (damn you LJ!) and got to the post office next door five minutes after it closed.
High: Drove to the one downtown and there was no line.

Low: Realized after I mailed one of the packages I forgot to include something. D'Oh!
High: At least postage is cheap for mailing a single disc.

Low: Went to five different stores and, apparently, my lovely city is only carrying the TV Guide's with 'Lost' and 'Star Trek' on the cover.
High: However, I have the August issue of Out magazine. Wheeeeeeee!!! And there is an additional picture in it! More Wheeeeeeee!!!

Low: Spent money I shouldn't have.
High: Will no longer have to borrow Mom's suitcase because mine is too big and bulky to take on the plane.

Low: Apparently the braintrust at Sci-Fi aired a new Season 3 trailer during the 2am showing of BSG. WTF? Because it would have made no sense to air it during the NEW 'Stargates'. :p
High: Maureen Ryan of The Chicago Tribune did a nice write up on the upcoming season on BSG. There are spoilers (nothing new to me ;), but if you don't care about those evil things go here. And for the spoilerphobes who, like me, have been dying for some webisode info

Bradley Thompson and his writing partner, David Weddle, produced 10 2-minute “Battlestar Galactica” Webisodes which could debut online as early as August. Those Webisodes will concern the birth of the resistance movement on New Caprica (as you’ll recall from the show’s breathtaking finale, the Cylons, after leaving the human survivors alone on New Caprica for months, invaded the planet and took over).

Weddle says the Webisodes will give viewers more information about why certain resistance fighters take certain actions fairly early in Season 3. You don’t need to have seen the Webisodes to enjoy Season 3, but it sounds like you’ll have much more backstory on the resistance fighters if you do happen to see the Web stories. “You find out why they do what they do,” Thompson said.

We’ll meet two new characters in the Webisodes, which take place a few months after the Cylon invasion, and they’ll also feature Tigh, Cally and her baby, Tyrol and other characters we already know.

Thompson said he and Weddle didn’t really view the Webisodes as 10 totally discrete stories, but more “a half-hour episode broken into 10 chunks.
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