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No more BSG related spam after this, I promise

My mom called me to tell me she had tried two stores and no luck finding the BSG cover of TV Guide with, as she puts it, Jamie and "the little blonde girl" behind him. I told her I had tried five stores with no luck and explained that, sometimes, in TV Guide's infinite wisdom they only ship certain covers to certain areas. This is where she gets upset and tells me that she's going to call TV Guide and, as a subscriber, demand they send her an issue with the BSG cover because they can't just pick and choose where they send covers. And if that didin't work she was going to order a set so I could have the one cover. I talked her out of making any calls explaining that it's an old photo and not much of an article and it's not the end of the world if I don't get a copy. But can you tell I'm a spoiled only child? ;-)
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I think I sort of love your mom. :) My mom did something similar once too - a while back there was an article about a local celebrity in a national magazine and I had a big crush on the guy, but of course all the issues in my town were sold out, so my mom called some relatives in California and they bought it there and sent it to us.

My area actually doesn't have any of next week's TV Guides on display yet - they still have the ones with the listings for July 17-23. So it's possible that when they come in there will be some BSG ones. I'm also going out of town on Monday, so I'll definitely check stores there too!

What's lame is that since the article has spoilers I won't even want to read it until October, but I still have to buy it now since it's now or never. Oh well, at least next time BSG will be the *only* TV Guide cover. right?
It's great to have supportive parents. :)

I hope you find a copy. Thanks to the fangirl network (hee) I've already had an offer to feed my habit. ;p

Oh well, at least next time BSG will be the *only* TV Guide cover. right?

See, I thought they were going to have their own cover and that was the purpose of the recent photo shoot. So I'm hoping we have something to look forward to. However, TV Guide is horrible when it comes to spoilers so you may have to put that issue aside until the season is over!
My mom has always been pretty supportive with the celebrity boyfirends. It helped that I've been attracted to the normal ones. Though there was James... ;)
My grocery store had all four covers! So, if you're interested, I picked up one for you. I'll get it sent out.

Ah, the fangirl network. The most powerful force in the Universe. Well, maybe the second most powerful after the force of Jamie Bamber's hip bone.
I'm getting the impression the west coast faired better than those in the midwest. And thank you once again for your kind offer. :) And I'm going to work on listening to certain BBC audio recordings so I can start on making copies ;-)

Hmmm, the fangirl network - there may be an LJ community in that. ;)
There's nothing like a little Bamber whispering in your ear, that's all I'm sayin'. Hee. And, you know, mmmmmm.

The fangirl network would be the coolest thing in the world until we all got shut down hard. I would totally support it, of course, but then, I spread Ioan and Jamie around as much as possible. Sharing the love, dude. Who doesn't want that?
Yesterday my mother was talking about film companies looking to distribute films via downloading and their concerns about making illegal copies and how people always seem to find ways around that. At which point I mentioned that I had bootleg DVDs and I got the 'Yeah, lets not discuss that'. Apparently she wishes to protect herself against testifying against me. ;)
My thought is that if film companies would be less restrictive over *where* they release their movies, I wouldn't have to be searching the internet for access to said things. There are things I would pay good money for were they available in ways and formats that I can use easily and comfortably in my home.

But it is very loving and sweet that she doesn't want to be the one to send you to prison. You have to appreciate the familial sense of bonding there.
::nods head in agreement::

I've ordered CDs from England and Australia because it's something I really wanted. There's also DVDs I'd love to have (it boggles me mind Hugh Jackman has films that still aren't available here), but the region coding prevents me from buying. Yeah, I know there are region free players, but I buy name brands and they aren't region free.

Then there is the problem with TV shows either not airing here or, like 'Doctor Who', we were far behind the rest of the world. And there's a show I'd pay for downloads if the BBC was forward thinking enough to make it available online. Of course, these are the same people charging $70-$100 for a thirteen episode season and thus keeping me from my promise that I'd buy the set as soon as it came out.

But it is very loving and sweet that she doesn't want to be the one to send you to prison. You have to appreciate the familial sense of bonding there.

Hee! It may also be self preservation. If she's ever incapacitated, I'm the one who makes the decisions. ;)
We have a Philips DVD player, and, fortunately, had a friend that worked for Philips who keyed in the region code so we can watch region free discs on it, so I've picked up several things from region 2 since then, but I'm screwed should we ever need a replacement player or if the DVD drive on the computer goes to the great motherboard in the sky.

The other thing studios are doing to shoot themselves in the foot are continually releasing cult/collector series in multitudes of different boxes/box sets/etc, which make me even more reluctant to buy them, knowing that something better is bound to come along and for much, much cheaper.
I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday and lo and behold there was pre-noodles Apollo gazing at me from the magazine stand. I was so surprised I felt disoriented for a second. I didn't pick it up for fear of spoilers, though.

Back in the day, my mom used to buy me magazines featuring my celebrity crushes, often eliciting, "But Mom, I don't like him/her anymore!"
The actual info on BSG is only one page and it's *all* spoilers so it's best you didn't look.

I recall when I had my Bryan Adams crush my mother drove all over town looking for magazines for me. She hasn't quite adapted to the internet age where it's always available somewhere. :)
Hee. And the people at TV Guide have no idea how thankful they should be that I stopped her! :)

Hey, what are you doing up so late/early???
They are. Of course, when they turn around and repeat something to you for the third time, it takes the edge off. ;)
At least your mom gets the right fandom.

I hope to not get another Shatner book.
She's watched 'Celebrity Poker' twice and the 'Poirot' film about three times now. I don't think she'll confuse Jamie with Shatner.