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I meant to post this earlier, but here's a reminder that the much hyped (on my Flist) Life on Mars premieres tonight on BBC America at 10pm est and repeats at 1am est.

I also need to hype (since I'm co-modding) The Why Can't We Be Friends Ficathon. Only two more days to sign up. I have so many talented writers on my list and I'd love to see what you all come up with. And we're only asking for 500 words. That's like what, an afternoon of your time? For me, a week and a half, but that's another story.

So how many of you got the July 14th Entertainment Weekly with Johnny, Orlando, and Keira on the cover? Yes, it's a very pretty cover, but what I'm here to talk abut is the excerpt from The Man Who Heard Voices: Or, How M Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale. Oh...My...God. I'm sure there have been other conceited, self-aggrandizing, assholes on par with M Night in the history of Hollywood, but most of them try to cover it up to some degree. This valentine to M Night's ego makes me wonder if the author, Michael Bamberger, really exists or if he is, in fact, one of the voices in M Night's head. Actually, he has to exist because even though M Night's movies have become convoluted messes, the dialogue can at least be remotely interesting. The excerpts I read are so poorly written it makes me wonder how this got published. The sentences and thinking behind them so simplistic that many elementary school children would toss this aside. Oh, and as I was reading k_julia's discussions with me on POV haunted me. Sure, Bamberger through interviews with M Night can put forth a general idea of what M Night is thinking, but how does he know what the heads of Walt Disney are thinking as they are talking with M Night? Is he a mind reader? And while I am loathe to side with studio execs, when they are going to give you sixty million and simply ask that you take another look at a few aspects of the script I don't think you accuse them of attacking you, calling you crazy, and apparently being ignorant of your genius. Ack. Anyone want a copy of The Sixth Sense? :p

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