The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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LJ is Evil

They give me all these new toys and I can't stop playing with them. After seeing superplin's genious in incorporating Buffy episode titles in her LJ, it forced me to start being more creative. I think I may just keep changing my text, keep you guys unbalanced....even more so! ;)

Oh, and in my effort to keep the masses informed Do Not Forget...tomorrow at 10:00pm est on MTV is Spider-Man with the guest voice of our beloved James. :)

Also, for my fellow Hugh Jackman fans who get BBC America, he'll be on Parkinson tomorrow night at 8:00est. I believe this aired in May in England, but it's new to us Yanks.

Who needs a life on Friday nights when you have all this yummy goodness on TV? :)
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