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Finally, Procrastination Pays Off

I booked my flight for Dragon*Con this evening. I had chosen my flight to Atlanta over a week ago, but the return flight proved to be tricky. Well, tricky in the sense that if I wanted a direct flight I had to leave late in the evening or take an earlier flight with a layover. The direct return flight I wanted would have increased my ticket price by about $150. :( So tonight I decided that before prices jump up on me I had to pick the lesser pain in the ass of my two options. And guess what I discovered? The flight I wanted dropped in price by $150. Wheeee!!!

In other exciting news, tonights Project Runway. At least the hype was not totally unfounded, but did anyone not think it was Keith? The thing that shocked me was that he seemed to be breaking rules right and left. What was he thinking? You're being filmed stupid!

Not only did I like Angela's outfit, I'd wear it. Unfortunately, I expect she'll make a return to fru-fru next week.

The writing on this show confounds me. I actually think they did a good job of dealing with Probie's experimenting with his sexuality. Poor guy is just looking for love and has nothing but failure in his search thus far. He found a guy who he thought was nice and who showed him some affection and he decided to see where it would go. Kudos to the Chief for making the guys listen to the rest of his story....But then we have Franco's girlfriend's brother and that somewhat odd storyline (don't even get me started on him just ditching his daughter). From what I saw last night I have a very bad feeling as to where they may be going with brother.

The thing that really hit me though didn't do so until about an hour after I finished watching the ep and the preview for next week. Tommy's father wants a male heir produced. Johnny thinks the new baby may help shut their father up and help fill the void left by Conner's death. Most disturbingly Janet wants to replace the child she has lost. Tommy may not be able to publicly show his emotions, but he's grieving for his son's too short life and realizing that he cannot be replaced. He seems to be the only one who gets that. For a moment it struck me that Tommy may be the healthiest member of that family. Too bad the writers tainted that revelation by the it-looked-like rape of Janet a few weeks ago.

Joining in with others who have had a less than stellar work week - the new boss continues to be great, but the rest of the day sucked. Seriously, I think it would be easier to count the number of people who didn't have a question or problem to be solved today.
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I'm unhealthily obsessed with Project Runway at the moment. You know about my descent into reality show land during exam time, but then I found this, and it's a reality show that has actual adult people making, like, interesting things! And a lot of them even have brains when they talk to the camera! I'm so addicted. :-) (Even though there's always the odd moment driving home the point that I don't always get fashion. The runner-up ensemble? That looked like a ripped t-shirt hanging off the girl's hips. I mean, bwuh?)

Uh, that got rambly. ;-)

Congratulations on the flight luck! I'm all for procrastinators getting a break. *g*
I think you could say "I'm unhealhty obsessed with (insert show name here)." ;p

I have to agree, for reality TV, 'Project Runway' seems to want to treat the viewers as if they have a certain level of intelligence. And it's nice to see a group of people working hard towards a goal and showing talent. AI and 'Survivor' and a couple others do that too I suppose, but it seems that so many reality shows now focus on sex, substance abuse, and making people look stupid.

The runner-up ensemble? That looked like a ripped t-shirt hanging off the girl's hips. I mean, bwuh?)

I loved the jacket and the pants did have cool detailing, but the shirt was confusing and I think may have been the deciding factor in them not winning.
See, the Writer Con organizers should have scheduled the same time as Dragon*Con so we all could have hung out!
You're coming to D*C? Awesome, we should get together. I am a bit sad it looks like we won't get any more BSG guests this year (No Jamie. :( ) but the Colonial Day party should be fun.
You're going too? Cool. We should definitely meet up. And if you are dying to see 'Ultmiate Force', let me know. ;)

I'm still holding out some faint hope that Jamie may yet come. He was announced late last year and cancelled days before because of filiming. It looks like they are on, or soon will be on, a month hiatus so who knows? Of course, the BSG Con being a week before doesn't help, but James is doing both!
Yep. I'm local so it is kind of required. :)

I wouldn't mind seeing an episode or two just to see how bad it.

I know. So is Aaron! Then again, D*C is kind of tailor made for him.