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Courtesy of someone I don't know, drewcypher, but who is being linked all over LJ as I type.

Ok, Lee is in the center, looking very commanderly, and alone. Putting aside he looks hot (and could they have made the uniform any tighter?), I think this speaks to the character and how he fits in on the show.

Helo! He's never been included in cast pics before. Did Tahmoh get bumped up to series regular? Who would have known after the mini that Helo would become so important to the series.

I'm also wondering if Michael Hogan is getting 'promoted' too?

So which Sharon are we seeing? It amuses me that they are trying to be non-spoilery with the promo pic.

Katee's haircut. I think I like it. It's a little overstylized here, but it will get mussed up nicely on the show.

Now for my one complaint...Damn you and your airbrushing Sci-Fi! WHY?!?!?! Mary and Katee look like they are made of plastic. :(
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