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It's All About The Me's

It might call for a poll, but I'm leaning towards declaring Tommy and Janet the most dysfunctional TV couple ever. But whatever issues I have with them and this ep, I think Tommy's speech in the bar helped to compensate.

In other TV news, how did I not know Tim Daly is starring in The Nine??? I probably would have checked out the premiere anyway, but unless it sucks I'll be tuning in every week until ABC decides to cancel it before it's time like they did Eyes. Not that I'm bitter. Speaking of which, I finished watching the twelve eps I have thanks to a very kind soul. ;-) The presumably final episode (New Zealand airs eps out of order too!) rocked and left the door open for a very interesting second season. Not that I'm bummed now.

Oh, and in Dead Like Me viewing, all the elements of the show came together for me in 'My Room'.

Much like George, I am *not* a team player. I avoid the team situation as much as possible. However, every once in awhile it is nice to have that moment of being lifted up and praised for your accomplishments. Even if it is over getting a strike. I also like that she's not trying to become a different undead person, but seeing that she has a second chance at missed opportunites. And making a real effort that her sister doesn't fall into the same patterns.

Either there was less narration in this episode or I was enjoying what was on screen so much it was far less intrusive.

I keep going back and forth on my feelings on she of the ironic name, Joy. I want to shake her over how she chooses to deal or not deal with Reggie. But the point may be that she doesn't know how to deal. It's understandable that she's at a loss over how to cope with George's death so she chooses to literaly and figuratively box everything up. And she can't see that what she thinks is working for her will not work with her family. I did love her though for buying a clue as she recounted the story of her enjoyment of riding until her mother turned it into a chore.

Is there some reason that we lost Betty and gained Daisy? I've never been fond of the actress and she continues her grating ways here. Please tell me she improves.

I'm incredibly flattered by all of your encouragement to write some fanfic. Of course, I know it's all about the desire for more porn, but I'll still be flattered. ;)
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