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One Down, 199 to Go!

Before I get to the real point of this post I must mention my mother called me at work today to ask about spoilers. Yes, spoilers.

Mom: You read spoilers don't you?
Me: Er, yeah, sometimes.
Mom: What shows do they do them for?
Me: Mostly the popular ones.
Mom: Would you know who wins on 'Hells Kitchen' tonight?
Me: Um, they really don't have spoilers for reality shows. They have to sign non-disclosure contracts with big penalties.
Mom: Oh.

Ok, I'm trying to decide which was more worrisome, my mother knows what spoilers are or that she wanted them for 'Hells Kitchen'. Of course the really funny part is that she then goes on about how that's all the networks carry now is reality programming. When I point out that she watches reality programming, a point she denied until I listed about eight, her response was "Those are different. They have people using their brains." Ok, fine, whatever.

So danceswithwords was evil kind enough to give the heads up that Sci-Fi was repeating the first season of SG-1 starting tonight. And, yes, I watched. I can't compete with your recaps, but I have a few observtions. Sorry I had to go with a similar style of writing. This show just does not warrant complete paragraphs for me. Oh, and I hate you. :p

Cool reveal of the gate, I'm impressed! Stupid red shirts who forget how to work a phone are using the gate room for poker night and get blown away, not so impressed. Did no one think to padlock the gate? Oh, yes, Hammond did *after* the bloodbath.

The opening credits are rather low tech and uninspiring.

Evil!Teal'c! I forgot he was once a bad guy. He helped take the bad actress playing Daniel's wife to Ra or a Ra wannabe (I have no clue yet). And now they're buds?

Why do they make such a big deal about the glowing eyes. Seriously, pets at night have glowing eyes do we autimatically scream alien and cower?

Sam and Jack have known each other three seconds and they are eyeing each other in a way the military would frown upon. And the "I adore you already captain." OK, I get it, and suddenly I feel sorry for the folks still waiting for a pay off.

So did Sam or Daniel come up with a way that they coukd travel through the gate and not get all frosty? Or was this just conveniently forgotten after a few eps?

Sam said "Macgyver a system"! ::dies::

Daniel and the big melodramatic group hug? Puh-leeze. And may I also add that Michael's acting has gotten *a lot* better.

I love that Daniel will return in one year. I sense this will be the season finale/season premiere.
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