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Oh No! More Stargate!

Well, I talked about Pt 1 of the premiere I figured I owed it to you to talk about Pt 2.

Because someday when you least suspect it it will totally save your ass. I find it sort of clever that a watch got Teal'c to join the good guys. It actually makes sense that in such a low tech society with only the gods having any real power that something like a watch (oh, and maybe the big guns) would make one believe that here is a chance to beat the Goa'uld. However, Teal'c's switching allegiances seemed abrupt. It was obvious that he was troubled by what he was made to do, but why? I know, they'll probably be more explanation later, but I need setup NOW.

The battle at the gate was actually pretty exciting. I was waiting for something bad to happen to Kawalsky because he's had about as much screen time as the main cast and...he's not in the main cast. I'm a little confused about the embryo that pulled a Chekov on him. Do the embryos not affect their Jaffa hosts? Or do they just not affect their host until they reach maturity and this one just hit maturity?

OK, could they have found a worse actress to play Sha're? And she's not even gorgeous. I could at least understand it if they hired someone really hot, but she's got nothing going for her.

Now for a birthday rundown. I very belated Happy Birthday! to one of my oldest, yet youngest online friends ;) manynames. Hope you had a great one. :)

For those who don't put their birthday info on their user info page :p, carrielee, a fellow survivor (as well as manynames ) from The Board That Shall Not Be Named. Though I think we are much closer now thanks to our mutual love of hot viper pilots and pretty sailor boys. ;-) And speaking of the sailor boys, a more recent acquaintence who helped me muchly find my way in the HH fandom is nolivingman. I hope you both are having spectacular slash filled celebrations. :)
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