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My one thought on Rescue Me - it sucks to be Tommy.

wisteria_ brought to my attention that the latest BSG video blog features Jamie slapping on the latex. On his face to create pudgy Lee. What did you think I meant? Go check out the Sci-FI Pulse site. Not only is it funny you get to see the arms. :)

I also noticed that they have the Comic Con panel available for viewing too. I haven't watched it yet, but I know there be some spoilers.
I saw that vid. Poor Jamie. He seems to be taking it in stride, but ugh that's a lot of makeup to have to wear and he's mentioned in interviews that the prosthetics don't always hold up under the lights and that they limit facial expression which must be frustrating for an actor, especially one like Jamie who uses facial expression so effectively. It must be like trying to write while having your fibgers in splints or something along those lines.

OC, I just think it's wrong to hide someone that pretty and hot under all that makeup. I give him props for being a trooper, though.
He didn't seem to mind the process all that much did he? Of course, he knew it was a short term thing and I think he mentioned in an interview that he didn't have to do it everyday (something about shooting flashbacks at the same time).

I agree Jamie does some subtle acting with his face so this must make it harder to convery certain emotions. He did have to learn to deal with the American accent so he probably just sees this as another challenge. I really hope they manage to sell us on the weight gain and the need for Jamie to go through this and cover up all that pretty.

That is so completely horrifying! Poor Jamie. :( I'm glad he's kept his sense of humor about it, though.

On the plus side, it looks like most of the icons featured in this post's comments will be of Lee barely wearing a towel. :D
Oh Jamie. I'd eat your face off. Er...

Sometimes I wonder if he puts on a good show for the camera but deep down inside he's actually fuming about this whole thing. :)

And yes I'll continue the trend and use this icon.
Jamie apologizing for getting emotional is the best thing ever. I can see how this would be a huge PITA. I continue to be amused that he was wearing Grace's pregnancy belly. Even more amused that he corrected him to state that the character Sharon had a baby and not Grace.

Lest we have any more "Sex, Lies and a Video Blog" confusion.

Alas, I have no naked Lee icons.
Alas, I only have one naked Lee icon. I wish I had some decent software to make more. ;-)

I loved the correction about Grace. I think he's becoming savvy about fandom and the net and he could see the "Jamie Bamber reveals Grace Park is pregnant" headlines.
Any chance to upload that vid on some public service? Can't see it, that stupid connection failed:(( *smash head of the wall*
And sorry for breaking tradition in the icons.
That's all right, it's a lovely icon. :)

I just saw on another LJ that you are not alone in having problems viewing the vid. I'd suggest keep trying. And if I see someone upload to You Tube, I'll let you know. I'm afraid I don't know how how to copy imbedded video like that.
Thanx. I keep trying of course but I will check your LJ in hope that you find it. And there's some free programm for copy that kind of video. I can give it to you if you want.
Did someone say nekkid Lee icons were a requirement to post?

And so you know, I was so disturbed by the weirdness of his hair I almost didn't notice them glueing that flouder to his face. Our poor dear Jamie; he suffers so for his art!
I kind of assumed that the hair reflected his just rolling out of bed and reporting to the set. And at least it's HIS hair and not that dead muppet they taped to his head at the end of the season. The hair and pregnancy padding will be lost soon enough. ;-)
I still question the decision to bulk Lee up, but given that Jamie has been honest recently about faults he finds in the storytelling (editing and reshoots that altered the reasons for Lee's depression in RS, the shifting focus to the Cylons, being clueless as to the L/K falling out in the finale) and that he actually had a couple of positive things to say about this from an acting standpoint, I'm willing to ignore it as much as I can and wait for things to return to 'normal'. I remain fascinated by the character regardless of appearance, though I won't deny I look forward to seeing Jamie as he really looks. :)