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Let's Just Call It Stargate Week

So is this the episode that sucks or the next one? I'm confused because I'm thinking the pilot ep was originally two hours split into two one hour eps. I was rather meh about this ep. I'm also confused about the Kawalsky/Jack friendship. They're like best buds, they held hands people, yet I thought Kawalsky was surprised to learn Jack had a son in the premiere? Still, I felt bad for them both. Especially for Kawalsky being stuck on the S&M board for so long. Seriously, what were the designers thinking? I'm beginning to see where the slash ideas come from and this is only hour three.

I've always been rather indifferent when it came to Teal'c, but I'm really like him here. And I appreciate that they are starting to flesh out his character a bit more. I also admit I may have smiled a little at the closing shot with him as a team member. :)

It really helps that I know Daniel as he is now because OMG Michael's acting is not very good. I doubt if he would have emoted any differently had it been his glasses he lost and not his wife.

I now get the Jack love, but I still apprecaite Cam's presence now. ;p

Ok, this one I did miss, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! gobi_rex. I blame the fact you don't post often enough. :p Hope you had a great one!
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