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'Stargate' 200th Episode! Wheeeee!!!

I know you are all bitterly disappointed that I did not post about Stargate last night, but I had a friend come over at 6 and it diverted my from the supposed suck. Never fear, I did record it as well as some of the eps airing this afternoon so there shall be a full Stargate report this weekend. Of course the focus will be the...

The 200th Episode!!!

And for those interested there is a really good Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson over at the TV Guide site. It's a teeny tiny bit spoilery for tonights ep, so if you've managed to avoid all news about the ep wait until after it airs to read it. And I think I kind of love RDA now, especially how he talks about his relationship with his daughter. To use a writteninstars phrase, he made my ovaries weep. ;-)
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