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'Stargate' 200th Episode! Wheeeee!!!

I know you are all bitterly disappointed that I did not post about Stargate last night, but I had a friend come over at 6 and it diverted my from the supposed suck. Never fear, I did record it as well as some of the eps airing this afternoon so there shall be a full Stargate report this weekend. Of course the focus will be the...

The 200th Episode!!!

And for those interested there is a really good Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson over at the TV Guide site. It's a teeny tiny bit spoilery for tonights ep, so if you've managed to avoid all news about the ep wait until after it airs to read it. And I think I kind of love RDA now, especially how he talks about his relationship with his daughter. To use a writteninstars phrase, he made my ovaries weep. ;-)
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You're just lucky in that he's not THE TV Boyfriend of the moment. Otherwise, the gloves would be off. :p
I've always had a low-level crush on RDA (ever since MacGyver), but yeah, reading about him and his daughter made it seriously flare up. *sigh* He's so dreamy.
The part of the interview where he recounted how he talked to his daughter about missing her and she put her hand on his shoulder and told him that he'd be OK was the big Awwwwwwww moment for me. :)
man, i actually teared up reading that interview. if it made you love him a little bit, it makes people who already love him want to have his children. if one were into that thing. so to speak.

so, yeah. can't wait.

--puttin' the "geek" in "geeked."
Thanks for pointing to that article, m'dear! If I could have more children, RDA would officially be on the list of potential baby daddies ;)

And I have to say, both SG-1 and SGA were enjoyable last night. I don't have enough brain cells firing at the moment to post about them just yet (gotta love sleep deprivation--NOT) but I can't wait to see what everyone else has to say!