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First off, you all were right, the third episode of SG-1 blows. It reminded me of Farscape’s ‘I, ET’. I don’t know if it’s a need by the show runners that after they introduce us to the characters and premise they feel they have to give us something familiar and 'Look! We're the aliens!'. This would be ok if they did something original with the material. Watching an hour of a society dominated by males with the women are on par, at best, with the livestock is not my idea of fun. I’ll give the ep and series credit for one thing though, throughout most of the episode is the threat of Sam being violated sexually and they don’t make light of it.

Oh, and a question which I probably know the answer to. How come in the pilot episode they need Daniel to translate and here we are two episodes later and everyone speaks English? Which is probably why in ‘Wormhole Xtreme’ we have Martin asking of a set decorator in regards to aliens, “You think they eat apples?” And the response, "Why not? They speak English?"

‘Wormhole Xtreme’ had many clever moments, but it paled in comparison to ‘200’ which, even having only seen about 30 episodes of the series, I will state is the BEST EPISODE EVA!

the Ewoks</strike> the Furlies! Nice touch using the same affect that was used in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

A series that lasts three episodes but becomes a big hit on DVD and a movie gets put into development. Hmmm, I wonder what they could be referring to?

"Just bring in another lead character to replace him." Hee! Poor Cam. He was so dumped on in this episode. Though after coming up with the big zombie intro and forgetting about the rest of the team, he may have deserved it a little.

Vala is asked to pick a more obscure piece of fiction and selects…..Farscape! I’m still trying to wrap my head around Vala watching Farscape *and* picturing herself as Aeryn. Someone could write an essay on that – not me. As much as I would have loved a Ben/Claudia as John/Aeryn moment, I think it may have been too much. And Michael could not have pulled off the other characters. There, I said it.

Sam and Daniel trying to convince Cam he’s Jack’s son was a hoot. Though Mitchell is 36? Whatever.

After Jack's intro...

"Nobody will see that coming."
"They’ll be spoilers."
"Are you kidding? It'll be in the commercial."

Heeee! This exchange comes second only to the Farscape inclusion in head spinningness. The mention of spoilers on a show that is so heavily spoiled coupled with Daniel’s acknowledgement of the rampant interest in Jack/Daniel and I’m sure a few blogs exploded Friday night.

Jack’s ‘One more jaunt through the old orifice’ seriously needs to be on an icon.

Ok, I wasn’t watching the show at the time, but I’ve heard the critiques of RDA’s final season on the show so I could appreciate the ‘phoning it in comment’ as well as Michael/Daniel’s TV counterpart explaining why he left the show and why he came back. Hysterical.

In non-SG1 news, I saw Little Miss Sunshine yesterday and OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! It’s the funniest film I’ve seen since Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The final scene had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face and my friend S may have pulled a muscle. Excellent cast all around and while Greg Kinnear will usually convince me to see a film, the standouts for me were Abigail Breslin who comes off as a real little girl and Steve Carell who has the funniest running motion I have ever seen.

I see Snakes on a Plane may tank. MUWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

HAPPY (slightly belated) BIRTHDAY! to keswindhover. I didn't forget! I just didn't post yesterday. Hope you had mucho fun. :)
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