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This Was Going To Be More About 'Stargate", But...

Before I get to that I have to point to some OMG Incredible pictures of the BSG cast in the latest issue of Maxim. syliasyliasylia has kindly posted scans of the pics HERE. I had no idea it was going to be so much of the cast and they all look amazing. The picture of Jamie and Tahmoh almost made my head explode. I love Tricia's hair and James, I don't know if he has ever looked better. I am not crazy about Katee's look, but I'm sure others will appreciate it. ;)

So, I did watch more Stargate this afternoon. Shut up danceswithwords. I took in, amongst some episodes I recorded, 'Prometheus' and 'Unnatural Selection'.

Jack wanted to name the Prometheus Enterprise? Hee!

So that's Thor.

I think I understand the replicant storyline now. And some other things are starting to make sense. This is scarying me a little.

My first BSG cast member sighting outside of seasons 9 and 10 - Tahmoh! Ok, it's a tiny role and he is playing a robot-like creature, but I am still going to say his acting has gotten better.

Hey, and here's an attempt to dive into some murky moral waters and they pull it off! Was it right to leave #5 trapped in time and with the knowledge he was betrayed? I don't know. I don't think Jack really knows, but he had to make a choice on the spot and he did the best he could.

I have to say, if I knew RDA was so funny on this show I may have started watching sooner. That doesn't mean I love Cam any less. Sorry x_h00ine ;)
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