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SG-1 Canceled

I'm tracking down bits and pieces of info here and there, but there are reports the show was cancelled prior to the airing of the 200th episode. I think they are pretty well into filming this season, so I would assume it just means no 11th season.

OK, it is official:

Report of cancelation.

Talk of the show going on.

Interestingly, the removal of BSG from the Sci-Fi Friday line up is mentioned as a reason for the ratings decline. Well, it can always head back into syndication.

ETA: Poor Ben and Claudia must be having flashbacks. Yet another show where they were signed to a two year deal only to have it unexpectedly canceled. :(
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I just saw the Gateworld reports and updated my post. Just when I start getting interested! Though it seems that while Sci-Fi has cancelled it, MGM may wish to continue production. The show did air first run eps in syndication for a time, they could do it again.
I could have sworn there was a period in which the show ran on Sci-Fi and in syndication with like a week or two week delay in airing the same ep. I don't see it going to another network. I think the possibility is good for a mini series or series of films or possibily syndication. From those reports the show still seemed to be a good source of income for MGM and I don't think they are eager to just let it go.

I'm . . . uh . . . surprised (to approach politeness) that Cooper and Wright were claiming that this was the first season they were ending with a definite creative direction in mind for the future, because the storylines show some pretty definite signs of having been extracted from their asses in quite recent memory.

Hey, they are just following in the footsteps of Chris Carter, Joss Whedon, and possibly Ron Moore. ;)
Apropos of nothing in this post - I got a present today! I shall be listening happily to Jamie tonight and gluing things with my little mock-Ioan (and mocking Ioan) head. Hee.

My world is twirly!

Thank you so much!
Hee! I'm glad you like Mock!Ioan. ;) And I'll be eagerly awaiting your review of Jamie's performance. :)

I tracked down a copy of the September Maxim today. Wheeeee!
I went out today, but was twarted in the finding of it. I think the Gods are against me. But I might hit the bookstore tonight. Then I can *stare* at Jamie while *listening* to Jamie and it'll be like TV only different.

Um. Yes. Sleep would be an option as well.
Not sure which bookstore you frequent, but Barnes & Noble had it in. As well as EW with Hugh Laurie on the cover. More Wheeeeee!!!

Then I can *stare* at Jamie while *listening* to Jamie and it'll be like TV only different.

A friend of mine works at B&N and she said they had it in. Borders is closest though, so I'll hit there tonight. I need Jamie in leather...but then, don't we all?
I'm sad, but not terribly surprised. I was hoping to have more than a year of Ben and Claudia on my TV. *sigh*

Ironically, if this had happened last year, I wouldn't have been disappointed. This season has actually been a lot of fun, though, and it feels like they were building some momentum.
MGM and the producers look like they are going to push hard to keep the show going in some form so the actors may not have to look for work yet. Now I'm really looking forward to see Chris Judge at the Con and see what he has to say about all this.

What will be interesting is that when presumably SG1, SGA, and BSG all return to Sci-Fi Friday next year if the ratings improve.
i feel the same way. last year's stargate was entirely meh, with flashes of claudia brilliance. although i get the sense they now have no idea how to use claudia/vala (why can't they enjoy the rogue element? why must they always tame it? t'ealc, for example).

i guess everyone's favorite shows eventually have to get cancelled. unless one;s favorite show is the simpsons.

btw, hugh laurie looks great on the cover of EW. can't wait to read the article.
That was renewed for a fourth season because the ratings are slightly better and they hope to continue building an audiance. The can count me out.
Yeah, Atlantis? Not gripping.

BTW, is BSG coming back to Friday, or are they moving it to some other night?
It's still scheduled for 10pm est on Fridays. The second series of 'Doctor Who' will be preceeding it at 9pm.
Good, BSG needs to stay on Fridays so that I have the weekend to recover and/or squee.

I'm happy about Dr. Who because I can see Headmaster!Giles :)
Poor BB and Claudia. Indifferent to the show itself but if there are them I'll be continue watching. But that fraking s.o.b-es (TPTB) ruined that. Again. Why not let it air till the end of the season? And declare it on 200th eps... Have they ever a brain?
Turns out the 200th episode had a very significant jump in the ratings and was nearly at last years audiance numbers. As for Ben and Claudia, they may end up on 'Atlantis'. I just posted a report from the TV Guide website in which one of Sci-Fi's VP's states that some of the cast will be moved to 'Atlantis'.
Oh, I soooo hope you're right! Yeah, Atlantis is good. Shep, Rodney, doctor and (fingers crossed) if there'll be BB and Claudia... I'd said I'd be happy with that.
:( I am sad.

I dont want my Favourite Scifi to be cancelled. It has its bad eps, but everything else is just dross. And Atlantis Blows.