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Random Observations of Mine

MTV is not showing Spider-Man in order. I hate that. How do I know this? Because Max who was alive and well last night died two weeks ago.

James has been playing Spike too long. Sergei sounded more like Spike than any Russian I've ever heard. On the plus side, James speaking Russian? ::drool:: I felt just like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called Wanda :)

Finally caught an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It is a hoot. First off, I like that they seem to listen to the guys they are making over and not recreating them in an image that doesn't suit them. I hate these types of shows when they have a 'I don't care what you think, we're doing it my way' attitude.

My fav part of the episode I caught, it was the one with the guy with the long brown hair, was when we met the girlfriend. OMG. My first impression of her was 'She looks like a hooker'. Then one of the guys says 'there's a hooker looking for her boots'. Ah, great minds.

Now, here's what really blew my mind this weekend (thus far)...I'm in Bed, Bath, & Beyond, specifically, in the utensils section. There's a forty something women with her 20(?) year old daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. Apparently the girl and guy are moving in together. Mom informs her she needs spatulas, spoons, scrubbing brushes, etc. I'm thinking 'Do you really need to tell a 20 year old this?' When the girl answers "Oh, yeah, I guess so" yes, you do.

Now here is where I about fall over. The girl turns around and walks towards me....she's about five months pregnant. She doesn't know enough to buy spoons and spatulas, but she'll be raising a child in a few months. Then when it couldn't get any worse, Mom casually mentions she should probably pick up a cutting board and the girl proceeds to get all giddy when she sees they have a red one. It's times like these I wonder if it was a good idea getting rid of those homes for young, unwed mothers.

Hopefully I'l be seeing Seabiscuit tomorrow. If I do, I'll be sure to post my review.
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Thankfully Cindy taped Spider-man, because I conked out on the couch at 8:00 and didn't wake up until 11:30. Looking forward to the drooling part of the show :)

Isn't Queer Eye a hoot? I also liked the fact that they don't try to change the essence of the person, just try to get him to be neater and have more style :) Ted Allen, the food & wine guy, is from Chicago, a former food editor for Chicago Magazine, I think.

Your description of the young pregnant girl, and how ignorant she was of basic household necessities makes me sad and angry at the same time. Heaven help that little baby when it gets here.

We're going to try to see Seabiscuit tomorrow too, so we can compare notes. Sounds to me as if it's going to be pretty faithful to the book.
Okay, I am obviously going to have to see Queer Eye.... Everyone in the world (slight exaggeration) is talking about this show.

It needs to be a whole lot harder to get pregnant than it is. Instead of birth control, you should have to deliberately take an action (other than the obvious one) to be able to get pregnant.
Isn't Queer Eye a hoot? I agree they don't try to totally change the guy. On the half hour ep they showed on NBC Thursday, the guy was an artist. They understood he needed work clothes, clothes that would take a beating, but he needed other clothes to go out in public. And attend little things like his first gallery show. :)

I didn't like the girlfriend of the guy with the long hair. He made these changes for her, and it strikes he'll be dancing to her tune over a lot more. The blonde guy was so funny with the hooker line! Loved how they, along with me, couldn't figure out if she was wearing a skirt of shorts.

Crystal, give it a try. Tuesday's at 9:00 cst on Bravo.

I must have missed James speaking Russian, so I'll check the tape. I kind of thought he sounded more like Charlamagne Bolivar with a deeper voice. ;) I know Jeremy Piven is supposed to be in Spider Man and I spend most of the ep going "Is that Jeremy Pivin"?

Hmm. Wonder if that young 20 yr old would have gotten as excited over a red condum as she did over a red cutting board? Somehting tells me grandma is going to be helping out a lot.