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Sci Fi Closes the 'Gate'

Gee, was the 200th episode's Wizard of Oz spoof that bad? Stargate SG-1, the longest-running sci-fi series in TV history, will end its journey after the final episodes of its 10-year run are completed, Variety reports. Mark Stern, exec VP of original programming for Sci Fi Channel (which picked up the saga from Showtime in 2002), tells Variety the axing "was not a ratings-driven decision," though total viewership has slipped by more than a half-million, to 1.95 mil, since 1Q 2005. "We're actually going out on a high note," Stern insists, noting that the production staff has been afforded time to bring the series to a proper conclusion and tie up all loose ends. Sister show 'Stargate Atlantis', still going strong in its own third season, is unaffected by the cancellation, and in fact will absorb some of the SG-1 cast members.

Because of this news as well as another thought I had I figured now was the time to try out the poll feature! :) (Which does not seem user friendly btw. Hmmph.)

Which SG-1 Cast Members Will be Transplanted to 'Atlantis'?

You Forgot About...I'll Tell You in Comments

And apparently some SG1 fans have already started a Kleenex box campaign with the words 'Send More' written on it. It took me a minute to get that. So I was wondering, if 'Battlestar Galactica' were to suffer the same Sci-FI treatment, what would the fans decide to send?

Empty Liquor Bottles
Something I Didn't Think of (No Talk of Noodles!)

In unrelated news, my computer would not start up this morning! The battery and computer light were on, but nothing would come up on the screen. Before going into a full blown panic attack, I decided to take it in to work to see if one of the IS people could do something. Very fortunately for me our help desk guy took one look at it, determined that it was the battery stuck in standby, popped it out, popped it back in, and it works! Phew.
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I would love to see Cam and Vala continue on as characters, but I think the franchise will try to bring either Sam or Daniel (or maybe both) on because they have a lot more history with the show. Teal'c just doesn't have a place on Atlantis, or established relationships with any of the crew there, like Sam and Daniel do. I'm sort of skeptical of the character transfer rumors, though, since it seems like the Atlantis writers don't even have enough for their own regular cast to do half the time.

I also vote for sending NOTHING in a campaign to get a show renewed. It annoys the crap out of the network.
SG-1 is not dead yet according to the producers, so saying that some of the characters are going to SGA seemed a wee bit presumptuous. However, it's fun to speculate. :)

Vala I think is a possibility to move over (maybe she could shut Rodney up), but Cam and Shep are too similar in their roles. What the heck would they do with two Colonels in command positions? Which would also seem to eliminate Sam. Daniel I think is the most likely (if Shanks would consider it) to make the move. They really don't have anyone with Daniel's vast knowledge and he would be an asset in fighting the Wraith and, gee, replicants.

I also vote for sending NOTHING in a campaign to get a show renewed. It annoys the crap out of the network.

It annoys me too, but if BSG gets canceled before it's time I see it happening. Toasters would be a bitch to ship!
I spend one weekend away from LJ and look what happens! (Because the universe times everything around my schedule, of course.)

Not sure how I feel about SG-1 characters possibly moving to SGA. The writers have enough trouble not screwing up the existing ones (much); I shudder to think what they might do up the ratings...
Oh, so it's YOUR fault this all happened. ;p

I wouldn't concern yourself just yet about 'Atlantis' being invaded by SG-1 refugees. If SG-1 finds anonther outlet it's doubtful anyone will make the move. I think it was one network exec trying to throw a bone to a pissed off audiance.
Tie up loose ends = baal and Ori?

Eh, that's hardly satisfactory: there's so much crap in our own galaxy that (like say, the 4th race in the "5th race" episode, the mysterious giant ship the prometheus encountered, the *promised* Ashen episode) that was introduced as teasers but then abandoned in favor of a DIRE NEW EMENEMY every season for the past few years. Of course, that's their own fault for doing that, but I wish they'd have a little bit more time.

I think Sam and Dan are out (mostly because I think Tapping and Shenks are both sick of the show; don't know if they need the money to keep going with it or not), everyone else in, which means that Ronon and Tayla will get the Rainbow Franks treatment to make room. I can't even *remember* the name of the generic heroic white guy in charge (or who plays him)! So he's probably replaceable by Cam, too. No tears here on that note. The Daedalus will probably be blown up (bye bye Mitch) and Cam and Teal'c will be assigned to the D2, which will put them on the show; Vala will be treasure hunting or something and will tie into the whole Merlin nonsense (since that's a shared plot).

I'm not super disappointed by the cancelation, but on the other hand, they're taking away the possibility for shared shows/plotlines, something I haven't been able to enjoy since Buffy/Angel were both on tuesday night. It's such a rare thing on TV that to lose it (even if you aren't the biggest gate fan) sort of sucks. Plus, at its very worst, SG1 is still better than whatever attack of the giant mosquito dinosaur movie of the week that sci-fi insists on wasting money on over and over again.
"that Ronon and Tayla will get the Rainbow Franks treatment to make room"

Woot! ;)

More seriously, I'm not sure they'd bring Sam over, Tapping aside. Rodney's got the geek spot sewn up. Although Weir might enjoy a less annoying geek.

"So he's probably replaceable by Cam, too. No tears here on that note."

Not here either. Sheppard's pretty much a cardboard cutout.

"Daedalus will probably be blown up (bye bye Mitch)"

I'm not super disappointed by the cancelation, but on the other hand, they're taking away the possibility for shared shows/plotlines, something I haven't been able to enjoy since Buffy/Angel were both on tuesday night.

I'm a big fan of the crossover concept too and Sci-Fi seems like it's shooting itself in the foot since the shows seem to be so heavily diving into each others territory of late. The SGA cast was most likeable to me when they were interacting with the SG1 group.

I think Shanks would be the most logical choice to corss over since they don't have a character like Daniel and they could use his knowledge in fighting the Wraith and the replicants they just pissed off. However, does he want to stick with the franchise? I'd love to see more of Cam and Vala, but while Vala could play the loose cannon, Cam and Shep seem to be cut from a similar mold. Teal'c's character seems to have run it's course. I look at the early eps and the current season and Chris Judge is being given so little to do. Ronan and Rodney they could lose and make me happy, but for some crazy reason they seem to be popular characters.
Judge seems to be the one most happy with participating in the show, so I figured he'd be the most likely to harass the SGA people into giving him a job. I think that's more important than any kind of internal show logic since it doesn't have any, anymore (what, more replicators, so we have two hours worth of cylons now?). Teal'c could take his son to atlantis or something and steal another device from DS9.

I'm most surprised that SGA has been trumping SG1 in the ratings; it probably just has to do with the time slot (even without BSG leading in), more people around or something, because you'd have to be a freak to prefer it.

Ronan's far too comic book (and yet his superhuman powers come and go in every other episode, depending upon what they need for the ep), and it drags the show down. FWIW, I didn't read Rodney's borg experience as a joke about sexual assault, more like he was more than happy with the fantasy they supplied him and then got immediately embarassed when talking to the group and stammered out "it was torture!" I haven't rewatched it, but that's what I thought they were trying to get across. RE: Carter as a crossover character, I wonder if that's why they were so stupid last year in never allowing her and Vala to be on the screen at the same time, like if there were two women they'd be over quota or something.

I think they should move Eureka to friday night next year, if it survives; it seems like so much of their target audience has already downloaded the Dr. Who eps they want to show us and that's only a 12-run, anyway.
It would make narrative sense to have Daniel on Atlantis, given that the character has had a hard-on to get there since Season 8. And, really, they don't have a Daniel equivalent, which was painfully obvious in the not!replicator episode where Teyla, the de facto moral center of the team, just looked like she had a headache from all the technobable. However, I'm not sure what Michael Shanks's feelings are on the subject.

ITA. Daniel seems the most easy and logical fit (and introducing the replicants wouldn't seem quite so dumbass), but does Shanks feel like pulling a Kelsey Grammer?

I really just think the world of her, but as much as I see her as a directionless, cannon-busting character (as the ZK said, "It's kind of like the just ask her to show up on set and goof around."), I REALLY cannot see how her presence would be justified on Atlantis.

Well, if Shanks were to go there they can continue the fine tradition of UST and pissing off fans!