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Rescue Me

Another long lost sibling? Rosemary seems the most normal and well-adjusted of the bunch. Could it have anything to do with the fact she was put in a home and had little to do with her family? ;)

When did Probie decide he plays for both teams?

Maggie and Sean are probably doomed, but I'm pulling for those two crazy kids to make it!

Tommy and Johnny didn't hear the messages they left for each other before he died, but they did leave the messages, they made an effort, and I think that will give Tommy some peace.

I know having the wedding five minutes after the funeral was probably meant to be outrageous and somewhat horrifying, however I found it sort of...nice. My first thought was the entire family, Johnny included, were present and I think Maggie was trying to do something positive and embrace life having lost a nephew and brother so recently.

Sean knows sign language?! More shockingly, I didn't hate Janet.
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