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It's Saturday, Must Be a 'Stargate' Write Up

Before I get to SG1 talk, I want to wish romanticalgirl a very Happy Birthday! I didn’t have the time to whip up any fic (that is just impossible for me – ask my beta ;) and pic spam was done already done so well by others. So, yesterday, I went to Office Depot in your honor. Stackable storage containers – buy two get one free! Wheeeee!!! ;-)

In the on screen description for ‘Cold Lazarus’ it stated that Jack finally deals with the loss of his son. Um, actually, it was blue crystal guy dealing with it. And RDA's performance was a real mixed bag. I enjoyed his scenes with Sara both as himself and his doppelganger and they scene where the doppelganger breaks down in Charlie’s room – the rocking, the crying into the pillow – got to me. But the scene between the two Jacks in the hospital was cringe inducing. I can only think that the lengthy exposition highlighted RDA’s limitations in doing the emotionless thing.

Speaking of the exposition regarding the being creating itself in Jack’s image and coming through the Gate…Huh? I got the distinct impression that the writers had written 80% of the script and then went ‘Oh, Crap, how do we explain all this?!’

Oh, and it seems Janet makes her first appearance here.

‘The Nox’ - Daniel dies for the first time! And so do Sam and Jack! For some reason, at that point, I had a strong suspicion that they’d be brought back to life. I did not suspect it would be by Principle Skinner. Who seems to have straw growing out if his head.

Can I add this to the list of crappy Season 1 episodes? The Nox were insuferably goody-goody. The resurrection ceremony had me laughing. As did Atlantis the flying city hovering at the end.

The basic plot was pretty standard and relied too heavily on the Jaffa being morons. Or maybe they have always been morons and I haven’t seen enough of their arc yet to realize it. Too bad Se’Tak’s arrogance made me want to see him die, especially since I like David Andrews, the actor who portrayed him.

There were some nice character moments in this episode though. I enjoyed the reunion between mother and daughter. It didn’t strike me until this morning that what I found a little off about Morena’s performance was probably a very conscious decision on the show’s part. Adria may look like a (gorgeous) adult woman, but she is still very much a child emotionally. Her excitement at seeing her mother was real as was her naiveté at believing that she could take her with her and they could be a happy family now.

I also liked Vala’s willingness to go with Adria if she thought she could save lives. I don't think it's being a mother that has made her increasingly selfless, but the bonds she is forming with the SG1 team. Vala has never been part of a group before and she seems to be embracing it.

It was interesting that Adria promised Daniel’s safety. I think she senses the affection between her mother and Daniel, but, more importantly, the Ori have plans for him. My only guess is that it has something to do with his previous ascension and the knowledge the Ancients gave him possibly being buried in his subconscious.

Daniel telling Vala about Sha’re should have felt like a bigger moment. Shanks delivery was devoid of any emotion. I know it’s been years, but shouldn’t he have been just a tiny bit choked up recounting their marriage and her death? Compare his performance here to Claudia’s at the end wherein she discusses a child she barely knows and one who could lead to the annihilation of millions.

Two emergency beam outs in one episode? ::rolleyes::

Favorite exchange:

Bratac: "She displays the wisdom of a well seasoned warrior".
Daniel: "She's a mother, close enough".

Ronan seemed a wee bit too emotional over Sheppard’s capture. And people ship Shep and Rodney?

The Wraith taketh human life and now can give it back?!?!? Whatever.

I’m seriously thinking about watching Sci-Fi’s movie tonight, Dragon Sword. I mean, who would expect James Purefoy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Piper Perabo, and Patrick Swayze to star in a Sci-Fi channel Saturday movie? OK, Patrick isn’t really a surprise, but the rest actually have careers at the moment.
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my prob with the stargate (and pretty much all tv shows except for bsg) is that there are so many filler episodes. episodes i could have so lived without. they don't ad anything new to the characters, the story arch, nor are they "good" in any way. there've been some great filler eps, but overall, i think, out of a season of 20 eps, i can safely say we could stick with 10 and go out with a bang. i'd rather see that, than sit through 10 yawnfests and staring at the male characters and hoping they'll lose their shirts.

i still haven't seen the latest atlantis ep, so i won't comment, but i find myself agreeing with everything you've said about the sg1 ep. what's funny is that i think vala, although we've come to know her recently, has grown more in this short time than some of the older characters around. i mean, sam is still sam, and daniel is still daniel. teal'c has changed, but that's pretty much IT. i really like claudia black's performance, and, honestly, she's the main reason i'm watching at the moment. plus, it's the final season, i wouldn't wanna miss it.
I think your assessment of 'Stargate' is pretty accurate. I'm sure there are some BSG eps we could have lived without, but even 'Black Market' had Lee gunning down a guy at the end so it was a pivotal moment for the character.

I don't mean this as a slam against the SG-1 actors, but I wonder if Ben and Claudia coming from 'Farscape' helps to explain how their characters (though Cam to a lesser extent) have evolved in such a short period of time? SG-1 seems to like to maintain the status quo, whereas 'Farscape' was continually shaking things up, forcing the actors to adapt.
the thing with bsg is that even when, in theory, you could have lived without the episode action-wise, something happened that actively changed the characters. in bsg when shit happens to someone, that shit affects them for good. they change for good. in stargate they just angst over it in that episode, then it's all erased. unless it can be used as a plot device somehow. laura roslin had more depth after the mini and the first episode (aprox 4 hours), than sam carter after 9 1/2 years (aprox 220 hours, early season were longer). that's kind of my bone to pick with the franchise.

i don't know whether them being on farscape has anything to do with it. i just "feel" vala more than i "feel" the other characters. i for one don't see much change in cam. he's still as gung-ho fun like he was in the beginning. what i did like though was that they made him angst over how he fits in with the rest of the gang a little more. :)
Ooooh. *plots trip to Office Depot*

Costco has a "Sharpie Collectors Set" with 60 different pens in it for $37. I have a coupon for $9 off. I may be doing a bit of birthday shopping later in that regard too. 60 DIFFERENT PENS! That's like...that's like heaven.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!
I was eyeing the Sharpie pens, but I don't know what I would do with that many pens! We got in lavender highlighters at work which made me very excited, but they apparently aren't sold seperately. Of course, I haven't checked out Staples yet. ;)
I completely caved and went back to Costco and bought them. The kidlet is very excited as well, as I told him he could use them too. It's good to have kids with artistic needs to blame such things on. *g*
I might be right there with you on the Dragon Sword. I can't resist the lure of the Swayze.

I enjoyed both Stargates pretty well last night, although I was weirded out by that lace collar that made Adria's neck look so looooonnng. And ditto on all the Shep love - all of a sudden, he's Ronon's BFF? What did I miss? Although I guess a couple of weeks ago, we got the same thing for Ronon, what with Rodney and Beckett practically getting into a slap fight over him. Shep/Rodney I still only seem to be able to see when they're playing to it deliberately, but everybody loves Ronon Dex. : )
And ditto on all the Shep love - all of a sudden, he's Ronon's BFF? What did I miss?

Ah, so it wasn't just me. I thought that because I've either missed eps or have not paid much attention that Ronan's reaction actually made sense to most people watching. But it was a WTF? moment. ;) And I have to say, if I had to choose between Shep/Rodney or Shep/Ronan, the latter makes more sense to me.
Yes, the Jaffa have always been morons and still are with a few notable exceptions. I always enjoy the way they stomp around the ship so the leads know they're coming from 4 corridors away and have lots of time to hide. Moving quietly is probably not honorable.

Yes, they played Adria very childishly, and it was a good move.

But Daniel's line about Vala being a mother made me want to throw up.
They are a noisy bunch. And what's with the capes? Jaffa fashion makes little sense.

As for Daniel's line, I know a lot of mothers who would appreciate it. And his delivery had enough affection and admiration in it that I could find the humor.
I'll grudgingly admit that I've become a Sheppard fan. I think it's because he gives me this slacker-ish Joel Hodgson vibe, and I really miss Mystery Science Theater. It seems so long ago now that Hookles and I started watching Atlantis and couldn't remember his name, so we just called him "that white guy"...

I still don't see the Sheppard/Rodney chemistry, but pretty much everyone seems to click with Ronon. He's such a hoot, running around in his bright red leather coat while everyone else is stealthed-up in black SWAT gear, and whoever decided he should be the mission leader instead of a one-man diversionary force is totally on crack. I guess that would be Weir, come to think of it.
Of all the SGAers, I probably like Shep the best. Faint praise considering my feelings about the show, but I do sometimes enjoy how they take all these stereotypes about how a hero should be, heap them upon him, and watch the actor simultaneously embrace and mock them.

Shep/Rodney I will never get. Unless Shep just wants to get him in bed so he can murder him in his sleep. :p
I guess the self-mocking hero is something of a Stargate tradition. O'Neill was always bemused and ironic, Cameron Mitchell is kind of a goofy fanboy, and Sheppard seems to be going for the laconic slacker thing...
I didn't care for Common Ground nearly as much as I thought I would, though I did like Ronon's reaction. *g* I've finally figured out the problem for me was with JF's acting. We saw the same two notes we see from him all the time - anger or cockiness. The ep could have been so much better IMO if we had gotten to see Sheppard being afraid, start struggling as soon as the wraith came in the room the first time for instance, if we got to see him looking at his aged hands and mourning for his lost years etc. I've seen people complaining about TH's acting, but I thought she did a much better job last week in her ep than JF did this week in his.

Based on the commercials for it, I'm planning on watching the SCi Fi movie tonight too. :)
I thought it was very odd that Sheppard never seemed to be phased that he had his life sucked out of him and was left an old man on the brink of death. I can understand escape being the foremost thing on his mind, but, alone in his cell, give him a minute to mourn.
Aw, I like "The Nox." Partly, I will admit, it's because I get a kick out of watching Armin Shimmerman do some great acting while wearing a care bear suit and a wig made of bird's nests. This is the episode where I started wondering why the goa'uld, if they're all-powerful god-like beings with slaves and huge spaceships, are always tramping through the woods on foot.

Or maybe they have always been morons and I haven’t seen enough of their arc yet to realize it.

Yeah, pretty much. Also, it's a reliable SG-1 formula that Jaffa politics episode = boring, although this episode was a lot more lively than the norm, and had some terrific character moments. I think with the franchise as a whole, you often have to grit your teeth through some pretty iffy plotting, but the payoff is that the characters are enjoyable. Which is probably why SGA isn't doing it for me right now; I don't care enough about the characters to do the teeth-gritting.

I also liked Vala’s willingness to go with Adria if she thought she could save lives. I don't think it's being a mother that has made her increasingly selfless, but the bonds she is forming with the SG1 team. Vala has never been part of a group before and she seems to be embracing it.

One of the things that's made Vala's integration into the team pretty smooth is her willingness to repay the trust that has been put in her. It's like she has had this unused muscle, concern for others, and is finally starting to exercise it, and it's getting stronger.