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Ok, I have to confess, at 9:08 I actually said out loud, "Oh my God, it's Val Kilmer!" My guess is his cousin or college roommate had something to do with the production or someone has pictures of him doing something *really* bad because I don't know how else he ended up in this film. Though he did seem to be having fun in his few minutes of screen time.

Maybe it was my incredibly low expectations, but I didn't find this film all that bad. Oh, the effects were horrible and the sets looked like left overs from Stargate, but the dialogue wasn't cringe inducing nor were most of the performances. Even Piper's British accent didn't make me want to stuff cotton in my ears. And, like Val's performance, there was a sense of fun and not taking this seriously. All and all I;ve spent more painful hours watching Sci-Fi.

Today was to be my shopping day to start preparing for the trip to Dragon*Con. I'm still debating on what to check and what not to. I can take scissors and a computer on the plane with me, but not my lotion. How does this make any sense? But I got to writing and pretty soon it was late afternoon and I didn't feel like getting dressed and going out. Last week, I gave myself a self imposed deadline of writing something, anything while my beta, k_julia is out of town. I've confirmed my suspicion that I work better with a deadline and someone ordering me to write. ;) Granted, what I have typed out needs a major rewrite, but I got the ideas and the words out there in a relatively short period of time and that is huge for me. I did fall to my safety net of Lee and Laura, but I'm also attempting a different structure so I at least tried something new. And while I envisioned this fic as being darker, Lee can't seem to stop himself from being cute and flirty. I'm letting him be since I'm sure he'll have plenty of angst to deal with soon enough. Since my next project will be writing for other characters, I shall cut myself some slack too.

Deal of the weekend thus far - I got two pairs of $45 shoes for $15 and $6 each. Now if I can just find a decent totebag tomorrow it will be a great shopping weekend.

Hey, to anyone else who has a yahoo account, do you get the annoying pop up survey every time you go to your e-mail? It's annoyed me to the point I keep taking the survey and give them different answers each time. I'm currently a 50 year old male who has never heard of Blu-ray or HD DVD, but plans to buy it! :p
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