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Well, That Pretty Much Sucked

In case you couldn't guess, I'm talking about the Emmys. A few people deserved their awards, most didn't. Still,

The guy who won for writing 'My Name is Earl' and got back at the people in his past who made his life miserable.

Hugh Laurie brilliant in the opening montage and equally brilliant translating Helen Mirren's words into French. Plus he looked good. ;)

Stephen Colbert: “I Lost to Barry Manilow!....Wolverine I could have handled. He has claws for hands.”

Bob Newhart – still funny!

That is all.

And in happier news, romanticalgirl has posted Brideshead Revisited slash! I get to share blame, if nothing else, with Jamie! :) Go check out Icarus Falling. And keep an eye out for more BR fic from her. MUWAHAHAHA!!!

Oh, and getting in under the wire...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sweet_ali. One of the original and still sane Buffy fans. ;-)

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