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It's the Return of the Fugly Shirts!

Pictures of the boys and Tricia from this weekends Creation Con have been posted. Apparently only Tricia and Tahmoh know how to dress themselves. Though Tahmoh's posing and Jamie and Aaron's reactions crack me up. Let the mocking begin!

Since I'm not 100% sure of posting edict, I'm linking the thread at the Sci-Fi board that includes the links for the photos. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Be warmed, the photos in the second link have captions that contain spoilers. Nothing major, but still spoilers. The first link is spoiler free. And you really need to see these clothes.

Here be the pretty in pretty bad clothes.
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Um, yeah. And I'm left to debate whether that or the skull and palm leaf motif he's wearing in the spoilery pics is worse. :/
The color is great. He looks fantastic. But I keep getting distracted by the shirt! My favorite pic is this one. The way he is almost posed with the forearm in all it's glory and his chest slightly jutting out...I'll be in my bunk. ;)
I think there needs to be a new reality show called "When Hot Guys Dress Like Idiots." They could kidnap Jamie and stage an intervention. They could force him to either dress in a manner that does not make sane people wince *or* he can go around naked. Either way, it's a win/win scenario.

Oh, Jamie. You're so pretty. Why must you torture us like this? Why?
The clothes are just horrifying, as is James's hair. I just want to cut and shave him.
I just want to cut and shave him.

Ok, what does it say about me that my first thought upon reading your comment was 'Hey, there's a fic in that.' :/
Aaaaaauuugghhh!! The fugly, it burns!! Does his wife tell him to dress badly on purpose, to ward off the fangirls (and -boys)??
He made a comment in the interview he did with TV Guide online last night that his wife and kids were in Europe while he flew in for this. So either he is solely to blame or she made sure all his good clothes were in the laundry while he was packing.
No, no, no. See the man is too magnificent in other ways so when the fugly shirts come out it gives us the opportunity to take the gloves off. ;p
The shirts, yes, awful. But can we talk about James Callis' hair? I know that Baltar's had a rough year and all, but dude. That is BAD.

The posing, however: awesome.
You know, I can forgive the ugly shirts for the sheer amount of pretty he and Tahmoh bring. The way I see it, he's looking out for us - he doesn't want to overwhelm us by being too amazingly hot.

That said, my theory is that his personal shopper is blind or his very young daughters going "Daddy! Pretty!" and he goes "Oh. Really, darlings? Really? Oooooooooookay."
I vote for blaming the girls. I know he loves them, but their are limits! ;)

Maybe he was looking out for his costars. Yes, I like Tahmoh and James on his good hair days, but if Jamie came out in, lets say, a white dress shirt, would we have even noticed the others?
Jamie and Aaron have such unique taste in clothes. ;)

I love those pics. Finger guns!
they were wearing clothes??? *puzzled* i hadn't noticed! :)

whe someone is as gorgeous as jamie, i honestly can't care what their wearing, because the purpose it to get them out if their clothes as soon as possible anyways. had i been anywhere around, he wouldn't have had that shirt on long as it is.

i kinda dig james callis' new look though. i kinda dig james callis...
In the cast pictures and Maxim shoot photos, I think James hair works pretty well. But here, completely unkempt, it does take an frightening quality. Hopefully he won't get mistaken for a Wookie at Dragon Con. ;)
I am laughing too hard at how perfectly sutied "Randy Giles" is for this post ;)

And actually, I'd have to say it's a good implied comparison on how poorly both Jamie and James dress in RL, but dress them up and YOWSA!

It is EXTREMELY comforting to me that my other fandom (Smallville) is not the only one in which the actors shame themselves with hideously bad dress sense at public events. *finds the silver lining*

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie... why does your wife let you wear such clothes?! I guess she's like me--she forgives you anything. O.O