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That didn't take long.

Many, many hi-res BSG Season 3 promo pics courtesy of drewcypher. I have to say, as much as I love Lee/Jamie I find his facial expression in his solo pic highly amusing. Also some of the poses seem rather odd. On the brightside, it's nice to see some of the supporting cast get recognition and the air brushing isn't horrific. :)

In 'They Say It's Your Birthday' News, Happy Birthday! to a great Vancouver tour guide pukajen and one of the sweetest piggies I know (she gets it ;) jennipher. I hop you great gals have great days. :)

'Brief Candle':

Jack has sex! Which I almost missed because I covered my eyes during the embarrassing belly dance sequence and when I dared look again he was naked on top of some bad actress. It would seem that a page was taken out of Joss's book - sex is evil! Poor Jack gets lucky then ages 50 years for it.

I don't know where to begin with the crackpot science. I find it hard to believe that a few of the nanonites didn't find there way to the others. Or was this suppose to be a metaphor for AIDS? Then the explanation as to how Jack was going to revert to his previous self was even more head scratching.

And why is it when characters rapidly age they not only end up under bad latex, but acquire southern accents?

Apparently Jack brought enlightenment to the masses while the bad actress with the big breasts taught him to live every day to it's fullest. Whatever.

'Thor's Hammer':

Hey, I noticed the icy effect when they exit the Stargate is gone. They still come tumbling out though.

I was deeply disappointed because I thought I would be introduced to Thor and not a bombastic viking hologram representing the Asgaard. At least I got a mention of the Asgaard. If they all only knew.

Other than that, I was pretty much bored with this ep and Daniel's whining about his wife. I don't think I actually missed much though.

I should be preparing for my trip and instead I'm watching TV and perusing LJ. Yeah, Thursday night is going to be fun.
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There's a BSG special called The Story So Far circulating -- have you nabbed a copy yet? If not, I'll send you the link.
Haven't seen it yet. Comcast On Demand in my area isn't offering it up as promised by Sci-Fi and I quite looking for torrents. Share please! :)
You can make some funny captions for these. The bottom right-hand corner:

"Alll right, everyone, say 'I'm a bad-ass!' Good!"

The one of Boltar between Six and LL on page 2. "I love my job."

Image 24 (Boltar and Gaeta): "Why does he always get to top?"

Image 20: (Tigh and Starbuck): "You realize, we're squicking all the fans." "Yeah, ain't it cool?"
Hee! I seem to recall having these same discussions over the S2 promos. Seriously, why/how do they manage to make such a talented and attractive group of actors look like a bunch of dorks? Whoever arranges.poses their photo shoots seriously needs a smack upside the head. At least Lee's not wearing the fat suit. That's something, right? and he has pretty eyes. The end.
Everybody looks so posed and uncomfortable in those promo shots. But yes, the airbrushing doesn't seem out of control, and I think Katee's hair is cute.

Jack has sex!

He ate her cake. Literally!

I was deeply disappointed because I thought I would be introduced to Thor and not a bombastic viking hologram representing the Asgaard.

The buildup to the Asgard is pretty funny, because they're set up as very powerful and advanced, and then they turn out to be little gray puppets. And it later becomes significant that former hosts can use goa'uld devices--Sam and Vala will both be able to as well.
Tigh and Kara get a promo together? Pardon me while I squee. :-) The rest of them -- what is it with those poses? I don't even like Mary's, and she had the bad hair and the worst airbrushing the last time around.
I have not had coffee yet, I cannot be blamed; the ones on the second page I actually quite like. And Mary is very pretty in the one with Adama and Baltar.

It's kind of interesting that Lee doesn't feature much in the group shots. Or do I just notice more with him than with others?
They've done some kind of glossy thing to all those pictures, so everyone looks lightly basted. And deepened up the shadows at the same time.

Very weird.

i like the photos, overall. i wish they'd stop the airbrushing altogether, but it looks like we can't have it all.

too little jamie though. ;(