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I'm Baaaaaack!

From Dragon*Con and am suddenly dead tired. The plan is to take a shower, maybe watch 'Life on Mars' and then glorious sleep.

I had four days without internet. Eeeeeek! Expect one long ass Con report. Assuming I remember much of anything. It's all a wonderful blur. I should have taken notes. Fortunatey, some other con reports have jogged my memory. I did skim my Flist, but I have no plans to read every post in detail so if I missed anything huge, please let me know.

I did review the pictures I took and I had hoped they turned out better. I apparently need a new camara. The normal zoom is not great and the digital zoom, yeah, seeing the degredation in quality. Plus a lot of blurry photos I'm deleting. However, I did get some gems and here are two of my favorite:

Much, much more over the next couple of days. :)
Tags: dragon_con_2006
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