Asta 2

I'm Baaaaaack!

From Dragon*Con and am suddenly dead tired. The plan is to take a shower, maybe watch 'Life on Mars' and then glorious sleep.

I had four days without internet. Eeeeeek! Expect one long ass Con report. Assuming I remember much of anything. It's all a wonderful blur. I should have taken notes. Fortunatey, some other con reports have jogged my memory. I did skim my Flist, but I have no plans to read every post in detail so if I missed anything huge, please let me know.

I did review the pictures I took and I had hoped they turned out better. I apparently need a new camara. The normal zoom is not great and the digital zoom, yeah, seeing the degredation in quality. Plus a lot of blurry photos I'm deleting. However, I did get some gems and here are two of my favorite:

Much, much more over the next couple of days. :)
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Welcome back! I'm glad you had fun. Cute pictures! (Is that Richard Hatch with glasses?)
Yep, that's Richard. And, damn him, he keeps making me like him more. In two Q&A's he was aksed about his feelings regarding Jamie playing Apollo now and he couldn't stop coming up with nice things to say about him.
And, damn him, he keeps making me like him more.

I think he looks kinda hot with the glasses -- how troublesome is that?!
Yay, welcome back! Those pics are great - is that Ellen Tigh in the second one?

*waits patiently for any sort of con report* :)
Yep, that's Kate Vernon. She and Tahmoh kept touching each other and he was rubbing her back as they waited to come on stage for the Q&A...not that I'm implying anything.

I ended up calling in sick today, between the exhaustion and the coughing I just couldn't drag myself in. My plan was to utilize that time to do my Con report, but, when I'm sick, I just can't muster the energy to do anything.
You must be exhausted because you didn't give your reminder that House is back with new episodes. I hope you feel well tomorrow.
Mmmm, hot man tummy. ;)

Glad you survived, and I can't wait to see more pictures!