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The Resistance

I should be getting ready to go to work, but I seem to be suffering from a bit of post travel illness. I called into work to say I'd be late and then went to the Sci-Fi site to see if the webisode was up to discover. They are posting them at Midnight est it would seem.

I can see these helping to flesh out story points, but I can also see whay they are not in the actual episodes. The timeline is a little unclear, but clean shaven, non-injured Tigh tells me that this has to be relatively soon after the end of season 2. If the season is as dark as they have promised, I liked that this showed us that hope still survives. People generally don't plan to start a family if they think they are doomed.

Cally and Tyrol are married, not just shacking up. Still not sure about that. And Duck is married to Nora (?) who bares a resemblance to Tricia Helfer - at least on a 2x3 inch screen.

Of course, with any resistance there is the possibility of spies among them which leaves me to wonder if Jammer or Duck may yet turn against their own.

For those that can't access it at the Sci-Fi site, here it is on You Tube.
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