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Day 2 of awful cold. The worst part is I don't have the energy to do anything. So, sorry, no Con report yet. It took me a half hour to leave feedback on fic yesterday. :/

Actually, the worst part may be my cough which apparently has caused me to pull every muscle in my chest. To combat that I've been taking two Advil (for the pain) and a Benadryl (for stuffed up nose) and, last night, it caused me to sleep for ten hours straight. Fortunately, instead of relying on being up at noon to watch a repeat of E! News which Jamie was on I set the VCR. Phew! He was interviewed at the BSG Con and was very cute. I found it amusing that he mentioned how grabby fans can get during photo ops, yet one of the pictures he uses for autographs is him sans shirt in 'Scar'. :/

Did manage to catch some TV last night. Moving backwards, I watched Nip/Tuck which I don't normally watch, but I was coughing and couldn't sleep. I like the show when it doesn't focus so much on the grotesque and outrageous and, instead, focuses on the chacracters. The little revelation about Christian? Not really a shock.

I caught the premiere of Standoff and, damn, I was hoping this show was going to be better. I really like Ron Livingston and was excited about the possibility of seeing him every week. But while he, the lead actress, who I am not familiar with, and Gina Torres were good, the writing was a combination of cliche and over the top.

Now for the highlight of the evening, House. No deep thoughts because my brain is still so fuzzy, but I thought this was a great kick off to the season. They didn't dwell on the shooting, but they didn't forget about it either. I think it's in character for House not to dwell on almost dying. It seems to me that he sees it as a blessing. Without being shot and receiving the Ketamine treatment he wouldn't be pain free and running eight miles to work. But House isn't House if he is completely and truly happy so it makes absolute sense that he is waiting for the pain to return. Right now it is hard to know if he is right or wrong in his fears. On one hand, he's been pushing his body to extremes and muscle cramps, particularly in damaged muscle, would seem natural. Then again, this treatment is still experimental and no one knows how long it will last.

Reverting to popping Vicodin is something born of fear rather than addiction. He has gone two months without taking any drugs, so I think we can erase the addict label from him. But he is using it as a crutch, an attempt to not deal with the possible reality of the situation.

It's clear now that House is House and that the pain caused by his injury had very little to do with the person he was/is. He has what he sees as a new phase to his life, the opportunity to be a better person, to do what is perceived as the right thing, and when he tries to be THAT person it doen't work for him. When the patients wife thanks him he feels nothing. And near the end of the episode it is revealed to us what we have always believed, he doesn't do what he does for appreciation or glory, but he needs a puzzle to solve. That is what drives him and brings him anything close to happiness. House professes to have changed and makes an appearance of having done just that - the suit, the politeness, the concern - but at the end he realizes that deep down he is the same person, the person he has always been, pain or no pain.

The show still seems to be doing a good job writing Cameron. I really liked her in this episode. Sure, she was a bit stunned by the invitation for drinks and dinner, but she recovered quickly and didn't allow personal feelings to interfer with her job. She called him on his daignosis when she thought he was wrong and speaking up to him has become a rule rather than an exception.

Foreman was Foreman, but Chase seems to be the victim of inconsistant writing. We've had episodes where he's been quick to side against House, but here he is quick to move to ass kissing mode. Or maybe Chase is just suppose to be wishy-washy?

Loved Cuddy and, particularly, her banter with House and Wilson. She seemed to be representative of the audiance in this episode from her remark to House about coming into her office twenty-four times a year with his outrageous requests (I believe they shoot 24 episodes a season ;) to calling House on making diagnosis based on theories, but having no proof.

I don't know how to feel about Wilson, on one hand he has a good point in that "just because he (House) was right, doesn't mean he wasn't wrong." The thing is House often diagonsis patients without proof, but 99% of the time he is right. When you're a man confined to a wheel chair with no quality of life watching your family suffer, wouldn't you want the doctor who takes a risk on a crazy idea? And does Wilson have any right to try and control House's life, to make him into the person he thinks he should be? No.

On a purely visual note, did the show get a new director of photography? There were some amazing shots in this episode, particularly the one where House is sitting alone in the green room surrounded by the x-rays.
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