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Ok, I am, in fact, working on a Con Report. I wrote about four pages on Thursday night (just on BSG - D'Oh!) when I had a burst of energy and un-fogged brain. So the plan is when I get back from having lunch with divahag to edit that and post and then put the rest of the panel discussions in a seperate post. I don't seem to recall much of the Stargate discussions though other than an interesting comment about fanfic, some early afternoon drinking, and that Don Davis is not insurable so don't expect to see him in any future 'Stargate' projects. He's in perfect health (he appartently lifted Rachel Luttrel up in the air at one point during the weekend), but actuarial tables are working against him. :(

Speaking of the Gates....

I'm really curious to see what others have to say about this episode because I had high hopes with it being a Vala episode and ended up being disappointed. It wasn't bad, just not very interesting and I found myself looking at the clock.

The good:

The "It's not a date" Date. It was cute and I appreciated the effort to get Vala out of SG Command. My quibble is I found Daniel's demeanor with her off putting. I know he was trying to be complimentary, but, at times, it seemed like he was talking down to her. As if she was a child being given a reward for being a good girl.

Ben Cam being handcuffed naked to the bed. Seriously, how can there be any bad in this? And I loved him being discovered by the others surrounded by empty junk food wrappers and trying to explain it's not what it looks like. Sam's comment to him about always losing his pants and his defense that it's only been twice was also entertaining. I could almost ship those two if she wasn't already married to Jack. ;)

Claudia Black's performance. She ran the gamut of emotions from laughter to tears and totally pulled it off. And how adorable was she when they presented her with the patches and officially made her a member of the team?

The Bad:

Did they just forget about the plot and the Trust people involved in it? Athena or whatever she's going by still believes Vala has the information she's looking for yet there was no acknowledgment that this was going to be an ongoing problem.

A main character getting amnesia is probably as old as storytelling itself, but they had to couple an old standby with cliched results. She ends up in a menial job, aided by a good natured average Joe, and gets her life back after recalling an important person from her former life. Don't even get me started on Daniel's little 'You Have To Quit Running' speech.

The police detective. I liked him, but how did he make it as far as he did without doing the little things like, oh, check ID? Hell, their uniforms looked fake.

OK, damn you 'Atlantis', I liked this episode! The interaction bewteen Rodney, or should I say Meredith - Hee!, and Jeannie was both entertaining and revealing. And I looooved the fact she was able to shoot him down and put him in his place at every turn. I also appreciated how the show managed to balance motherhood and work. Contrary to what her brother thought, getting "knocked up" was not the ruination of her life. Sure, raising Madison became her primary focus and it's something she obviously loves and does not regret, but she didn't turn her brain off and when the spark of an idea came to her she ran with it.

I really like AU Rodney and wish this Rodney was more like him. I seriously doubt he'll learn to tone down his behavior after this. Especially since the rest of the team lied to make him feel better at the end.

Did anyone else think when AU Rodney mentioned to Shep his penchant for sleeping in late we were going to discover AU Rodney and AU Shep were a couple? But I wonder if they decided it was too much of a wink, wink, nudge, nudge to the fans.

Amanda Tapping's guest appearance worked well in this episode. Cross overs can be hit or miss, but they really needed someone from the SG program to contact Jeannie and with Sam's background she'd be the most obvious choice.

Some great banter in this episode. Rodney's "She's married and she's my sister" to Sheppard. When Sheppard replies he's just being nice, Rodney tells "Kirk" to back off. And when Rodney informs Jeannie how dire things are, that they are at war, she immediately asks if he started it. :)

There was a new BSG promo during SGA last night. It's my favorite so far. Adama's speech to rally the troops reminded me the speech he gave to the Galactica crew in the mini after the attacks. And there was a brief shot of Fit!Lee and Dee (must be flashbacks in the early episodes) and they looked kind of cute. My favorite Czech BSG site has it up if you want to take a look - Season 3, Teaser #4.
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