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I Finally Did It

jamiebambernews is officially open for business. A few of you are aware of what I was contemplating and ultimately decided to do. For the rest of you, I know you think I finally went off the edge that cliff. Seriously, I'm not obsessed. Well, not that obsessesed. My intent was simply to have a nice place where I/we can stay informed on all things Bamber related, plus, hopefully, spread the love.

I posted all the administrative type stuff over there and have opened the floor to critiques and suggestions. I'm new to all this. And after staring at the site and tweaking it most of the night, I need a break! Thanks to shmarollynn for the current default user icon there. I've been holding off using it for a week. :)

Tomorrow I will return with TV talk. I have a lot to catch up on. One quick thing on 'House'...

Cameron to Wilson: "Then come up with a cunning plan."

MUWAHAHAHA!!! Black Adder references just never get old.
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