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I really enjoyed the first season finale, ‘Rest in Peace’, specifically because on George’s Day she sacrificed most of it to spend with Dolores in a pet hospital. It was an unselfish decision she made on the spot and one she did not seem to regret. She showed genuine concern for Dolores and Murray and that’s something we haven’t seen her do outside of her family and even that's been iffy. It was nice to see this other, more mature side of George.

And Dolores stunning the messenger and making a run for it – very funny.

As we are now entering season two, I still have one lingering problem with the series and it’s a big issue with me no matter what show I’m watching – continuity. The show seems to flip flop depending on the story it’s telling as to whether George is adapting in her new unlife (at the end of ‘Rest in Peace’ she even asks for a post it) or resentful of it (she decides to be a bad girl and live the life she didn’t have at the end of ‘The Ledger’). Then there is her job at Happy Time that is looked at as a good thing one week and the next Rube is telling her to turn down her promotion because it’s not a good situation for her. Well, it’s not, but she’s an undead 18 year old with no work experience or ambition, she’s lucky to have that job.

Daisy *is* less annoying. Mason is starting to develop a bit of depth, but I still wouldn’t miss him if he wasn’t there. George’s Dad? What an ass! Putting aside the affair, he couldn’t be bothered to show up at his daughter’s graveside?!

I really enjoyed the second to the last episode watching the mystery unfold as to who was responsible for the young man dying in custody. That Gene set up Sam to lead the investigation and, as a consequence, be the bad guy was brilliant. His reasoning was quite sound. As to allowing Ray to remain on the job after killing a man, I’m torn. Cover ups go on by the police regularly, so it wasn’t a shock that they allowed him to remain on the job with Gene believing he has done far more good than harm, but, on the other hand, I want to see justice.

As for the finale, I didn’t even realize that was the finale! Once I became aware of that fact I came to understand why so many were upset with the not-really-an-ending when it first aired. I do admire that we had been given these flashes of memory from Sam all season and that they built to this revelation that he was there when his father took off. And that his father was not the man he thought him to be. His mother tried to reassure him as a four year old and he let his imagination create this image of a good man that had to leave for some reason. But the truth is he was cold blooded killer. I do take issue with Sam letting him go. On an emotional level he couldn’t bare to hurt his mother or his younger self, yet Sam has been established as a by the book cop who wants to protect people, so he lets a killer go free?

And either the writers were relying heavily on a second series or couldn’t make up their mind as to Sam’s fate. From the growing intrusion of voices from his 2006 life it would seem that he is, in fact, in a coma. Yet will we find out in saving Annie he’s altered history which means he has time traveled?

OK, marcee12 you can quit your bitching. :p

That car chase was impressive. Rarely do you get up close shots of the stars in both cars like that.

I’m still having huge issues with the reattached hand. This is not a slam against vets, but I doubt they have the expertise or equipment to reattach severed limbs like that. I know the hand at least is not functioning as it should, but it also should be going septic and killing him any day now.

Exchange that made me LOL: “Is this information accurate?” “It’s from New Jersey.”

OK, I am not a Micheal/Sarah shipper per se, but, Wentworth killed me with his performance during the phone call. Who knew he could mine such depths?

Abruzi’s dead! Again! For real! It’s a shame, but I’m not sure where they had to go with the character.

Michael’s fake wife is in love with him and suddenly turns into the woman scorned. Lame.

So the pain was real and related to the damaged muscle. Did the treatment fail? Could he have prevented it with proper rehab? Will we ever know? Did House want to know? He had the chance to possibly learn the truth and chose not to. Does he really not want to be happy? Does he feel he needs the pain? So many questions.

Dear Chase, never try for the ‘witty’ comeback. Never. That was so embarrassing.

Loved Cameron in this episode. God they are writing her so much better. And I really saw the possibility of a successful House/Cameron relationship. She stood up to everybody and with well reasoned arguments. She diagnosed the “cheat”. Her questioning Cuddy and Wilson’s belief that House needed a glimmer of humility just because other people have it was spot on. As was asking why should he be like other people? It showed me that she is attracted to House the person and not House the guy in need of fixing or mothering.

Wilson I did not like. It’s bad enough he was lying to and manipulating House, trying to make him into the person he thinks he should be, but he was so damn smug about it. Going so far as to point out that “You’re not always right House, you’ve proven that lately.” Accept that he *was* right. And his comment to Cuddy that she was making it sound like they were conspiring against him? I actually said out loud, “You are!”

Standoff was better in its second outing, but I’m still not wowed. Bones just seems to be getting better and better. And Justice is providing some good, mindless entertainment. I still find Kerr to be the weak link, but am very thankful for the new coloring they are putting in Victor’s hair. :)

Fantastic Four is on HBO right now. This film looks awfully cheap for such a big budget. Oh God, they are talking now which makes it worse. Why do I have this on?

Am I the only person who starts a Community and makes it a work in progress? In case you can't tell, I suck at making decisions. :p

And a Happy Belated Birthday! to ascian3. Congrats on other things too. :)
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