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I think Cameron’s remark about "making this up as I go along" was very representative of this episode and I’m beginning to think the season as a whole. What is the direction of this season? The Ori were suppose to be the next great threat, but in recent weeks we have renewed hostilities with the Gaould, Jaffa and now the team has managed to start a war with the Lucian Alliance. Enough! I’m not sure John Chrichton had this many enemies.

Speaking of John, when Cam slipped into the Lucian uniform and went undercover, images of ‘A Bug’s Life’ danced through my head. At least we were spared any bad accents.

My major issue with this episode was the perplexing use or lack of use of the cast. Sam largely played damsel in distress. Once again we had her take a brief stand, as she did in ‘Insiders’, and not turn over what her capture was demanding, but I think Emerson’s order had more to do with that than any clear decision made by her. And she can’t manage to get the hyper drive working, but Vala can slam a random chip in and make it work. For me it was more insulting than funny.

And then there is Teal’c, the SG1 punching bag. I wasn’t paying close attention, but did he actually tell Cam he was sick of being tortured? I know I’m tired of seeing it. Give the man something to do!

The high points in this episode were almost exclusively Vala’s. I loved her willingness to wave her fee as well as her solution to getting rid of Avateo. And she said “wonky” which is a clear indication that she must be watching Buffy reruns. ;)

They killed Colonel Emerson! That actually was a shock. I can’t say he was pivotal to the storylines or beloved, but we knew him and it I’m sorry to see someone I was use to being there go.

My favorite moment? When Daniel tells the guy flying the ship to be prepared and the guys response, "For the record I’m always prepared. I just have to push this button here." Hee!

I don’t have much to say about ‘Phantoms’ other than I felt I was going from one show that doesn’t know what to do with it’s characters to one that decides to shoot them all. And you just knew that Rodney was not going to let go of John shooting him. ;)

I didn’t feel that there was anything particularly original or revealing about this episode. Even John’s ‘revelation’ about his past I could see coming. Btw, why isn’t there a bigger John/Teyla ship community? There I actually see something.

My favorite part of the story was probably Beckett’s. I had a feeling that the guy most likely to die was going to be the one to pull through. However, even though I found it strange that the guy who was shot in the shoulder had a quick recovery it didn’t dawn on me he had died soon after they arrived at the cave.

Why wasn’t Teyla affected at all? I know Rodney explained that everyone could be affected to varying degrees, but the device had no affect on her.

Series 2, Season Twentysomething of Doctor Who debuts on Sci-Fi in two weeks. Form the clips they are showing it looks like they’ll kick off with ‘The Christmas Invasion’. Interestingly BBC America will be showing Series 1 this fall so we have the potential for overlapping Doctors.
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