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I'm Declaring Myself an Electronics Expert

The DVR is installed. And I did it without uttering a single curse word. Surprisingly, the actual hooking up of the hardware only took about 25 minutes. That included me splitting the cable, ripping out about 75% of my wiring, removing two VCRs, realizing that my ten year old TV doesn't have enough inputs, and rewiring everything. Generally after I undertake a project like this and I go to test the equipment something doesn't work. Not this time. Even my creative wiring with the five disc DVD player (see previous mention of not enough TV inputs) was successful. I have to have the DVR on to run it, but, hey, it works. And because of front panel inputs I can start burning stuff off of video to DVD. As soon as I buy more cables. They give you the bare minimum and assume you don't have six pieces of equipment to connect. Or is that just me?

The coolest thing is that the splitting the cable worked and I can watch one program while recording another now. As long as the recorded station is on basic cable. There is just no way of getting around that digital tuner. Still, most of my conflicts would be on the networks so this should work out fine. I have the timer set to record something later to the hard drive so we'll see if I bungled that.

Oh, and the machine can play avi files...maybe. I tried playing some stuff I burned to disc and I got sound and a scrambled picture. When I looked at the manual it made mention that avi files burned on a computer may not be compatible with the player. Um, where else are people burning avi files? There is a USB connection. I may try doing a direct download to the hard drive tomorrow.

In other shopping news, I discovered a flavored water that tastes good! Fruit2O. It has a tiny bit of an after taste, but not nearly as bad as some I've tried. I'm currently on a more water/less soda kick.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to blondeheroine. I hope you had a great day and a fabulous celebration with the girls. And I need to hear about presents since I was there when one was purchased. ;)
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Congrats you win!

You are more technologically advanced than me, the known geek.

All Hail and Lauds!
*rubs hands together in glee*

Can't wait to see what that present is. :p

And thanks for the bday wishes! :D
Congrats on the new arrival! And big congrats on the successful install; that's always such a good feeling. :)

I like Fruit2O, too. Only I'm starting to think Splenda might give me a headache, when consumed in drinks like that. I can't figure out of it actually is, or if it's psychosomatic. I'm big on the single-serve packets of Crystal Light right now--they make drinking more water much easier.
I haven't had any issues with splenda, though I don't necessarily care for it in baked goods. Of course, when my co-workers try to bake healthy they substitute everything so it ultimately tastes like crap.

I successfully recorded something to the hard drive last night and watched it this afternoon. On the menu it even gives you a cool little video preview. Wheeee!!!
Congrats on the tech hook up. Have fun with your DVR.

Do you know anybody who would be interested in 12 issues of Farscape magazine and two Farscape comic books? I might be willing to also part with the house season 1 DVD to the right fan.
My fellow 'Farscape' fans only were interested in the eps and maybe the episode guides, but I don't think any of us got into collecting with the show. I'm sure you'll find someone who would like the set though.
I may need you to come here if I ever get a PVR. Which is what they're called here for no good reason that I can discern.
I've been trying to deduce what the 'P' could stand for and I'm clueless. You wacky Canadians.
Personal Video Recorder. O....K.... I now envision a nation full of people making their own pornos. :p
I would declare you an electronics expert too! Congrats on the successful installation.

I like Fruit20. Grape is my favorite.
I haven't tried grape yet, I'll put it on the list. So far cherry, orange and tropical fruit are winners.
You're an electronics superstar!

I'm still thinking about messing with my setup, but I think it's okay for this week in terms of there being no time conflicts among my shows. Next week is when it really starts getting messy.
I can PDF you the little drawing the salesmen made for me when he was trying to explain splitting the cable. It was somewhat helpful. Tuesday will be the test for me when I try recording 'House' while watching 'Dead Like Me'.
DUDE...your the bomb! We got digital cable here....and I'm still trying to figure out how to record regular TV on my VCR, with this new STOOPID box we have.....
:must........ figure..... out....:

officially crowned queen of the electronics!!
With digital you need your TV and VCR set to the same channel and assuming the cables are hooked up correctly you should have no problem. :)