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My Boring, Boring Life

I haven't updated my LJ in five days and still I have nothing to interesting to talk about. ::sigh::

Well, partially inspired by jennipher I dyed (not died ;) and chopped my hair this evening. As usual, the color did not come out as I wished. It's not bad by any means. It covered all the white hairs and I have nice all over shading. But, every time I attempt to get it light brown it turns out medium red. My mother claims it's the Irish in me. No matter what color I use it will go towards red.

As for the chopping, took some length off (it's now just below my chin) and attempted to thin it out. I'm not bitching about having thick hair, but it can be a nuisance, especially in summer. Hope it's still long enough to tie up without too much aggravation.

Oh, I finally managed to remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy this week. I laughed so hard at one point I thought I was going to cry. And I sooo wish I was Tina, she's one lucky gal. Sadly, it is true, all the good ones are either gay or taken. :p
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Oh, I'm just peachy with a side of keen. :) On my way to Mom's to see her new sectional whcih she swears I'll hate. Woo Hoo! Considering the couch it's replacing is 25 years old, I'm thinking it's an improvement. ;)
lol anything is a improvment over 25 yr old couch. ...but wait i'm 25. I'm sure the other couch is fine. lol

You're braver than me. There's no way I'd dare to do my own hair. I tried to 'even up' mr.mir's with the electric razor once and once I finally got straight line, he'd lost a lot more hair than he intended!

I've given up styling mine. I just tie it in a ponytail.

I LOVE your mood icons! They are sooooo cute!
Well, you can thank Wisteria for the mood icons. God knows I have neither the talent or patience to make my own.

As for my hair...I have naturally thick, wavy hair so it's pretty forgiving. Unless I cut it uneven (which I've done on a couple of occassions) it's pretty hard to screw up. I keep saying I'll go to a professional when I find a spiffy style I really want. It's been fifteen years and counting...
So after you thin your hair out, send it to me. I need to thicken mine up. You are a brave, brave woman to cut your own hair, even if it is forgiving. The color sounds nice.
Since you're going ot see your moms couch, you'll have news, so report back. :)

I'm so bored I haven't written in my live journal in even longer. So, what have you been up to? aside from couch viewing.

Go TOWARDS the light...
*Sadly, it is true, all the good ones are either gay or taken. :p *

Hey, mine's both! :D

Congratulations on surviving the hair dye. I'm glad it went better than my little experiment did. I am currently sporting the Lyle Alzado look. Hee hee...
Medium red sounds nice, and I know it matches your coloring just fine :) I have plenty of hair, but it has no body at all. That's why I have it highlighted (also to hide the gray ;))

Isn't Queer Eye a scream? They take what they do seriously but not themselves, which makes it even more fun to watch.