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BSG Deleted Scenes

I was going to go to bed an hour ago, but opted to check out the deleted scenes on the 2.5 set instead. I will have much, much more to say about what I viewed later. Some really great stuff that would have made a huge difference had it been included in the episodes and it bothers me more than it probably should to think about what could have been. There is also some stuff I'm glad was cut. But I'm also pissed off about something else. I assumed like the 2.0 set they would include the deleted scenes up at the site plus a few additional scenes. No. All the deleted scenes are new and they included none of the scenes at the Pulse site. >:( Granted, some of them were pretty unimportant, but I loved the scenes that were cut from 'Black Market'. So my question to you technically inclined people out there, is there a way to download and save the clips from the Pulse site? I doubt they'll be there forever and I'd like to have copies (even so-so ones) for the future.
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