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BSG 2.5 Deleted Scenes

While I still don’t find it acceptable that the deleted scenes from the Sci-Fi site were not included on the DVDs, it dawned on me last night that those scenes, with the possible exception of the Lee/Shevon clips, were not scenes that fleshed out the characters or aided in the plot. Nearly every deleted scene on the DVDs seems important in some way. While I am pleased some of these scenes were cut (and I’ll give my two cents as to why) I can see why they were written and filmed even if the writers ultimately decided not to go there, the scenes were deemed redundant, or they just didn’t have the time.

There is exactly one deleted scene from Resurrection Ship Pt 1. It’s the unkindest cut of all. I watched this scene four times last night. I had to. After the first viewing it hit that this was the scene that did a superb job of explaining Lee’s suicide attempt and depression. It was well written. It was well acted. They had it and they tossed it aside for two women we didn’t know and some half baked psychology.

The scene takes place soon after Adama’s revelation to Lee that he and the president have decided to assassinate Cain. Lee is alone, throwing back one drink after another. We’ve seen Lee drink, but never like this. He’s already searching for oblivion.

Dee enters and refers to him as “Captain” as she informs him that Pegasus is awaiting his return. He corrects her on his rank, “Its Lieutenant now actually…forget it, doesn’t matter. I’m not sure what does anymore.” And there we have it folks. We see Lee has given up. His father and Laura, two people he trusts and respects and has put his faith when there wasn’t much else left for him, have betrayed him and Lee no longer sees the point of going on. Oh, it gets worse.

Dee: “There’s a happy thought”
Lee: “Dee, I can’t even begin to tell you how fraked up things are right now.”
Dee: “Since Pegasus arrived?”
Lee: “Yeah…no, no, I don’t know I guess I thought it was then, but now I’m not so sure we’re that different, just a step away from the choices they made.”

I recall reading an interview, maybe with Jamie that talked about how Lee’s depression wasn’t a sudden thing. That it had been building for awhile. It seems that here Lee reveals long standing doubts that he hadn’t allowed himself to visit. When the Pegasus arrived it was easy to blame their/his troubles on that situation. Now he’s confronted with choices people he is close to are making and are those choices any less reprehensible?

Dee points out that they (the Galactica personal) have not resorted to raping prisoners. Lee’s response is “No, we haven’t done that, not yet.” Ouch. If Lee believes that, that this is where Galactica and humanity are heading, why would he want to go on?

Dee: “Are you saying?”
Lee: “Look, I don’t know what I’m saying. How’s that for clarity? All I know is that, um, well the reason we keep going out fighting and dying. It’s just not that clear to me anymore.”

He puts his hand on Dee’s shoulder and leaves the room.

Lee the idealist, the man who assisted in an insurrection to uphold the articles and democracy, who puts his life on the line daily to help keep humanity alive now doubts his reasoning for everything he has done. After watching this scene so many of his actions and reactions made sense and made ‘Black Market’ becomes even more of an aberration.

This scene also helps to clarify Dee’s stalkerish behavior at the end of the episode. Knowing what his mindset was, that he thought life was pointless, she must have been concerned that his near death experience was not just an accident. She went to check on him for valid reasons and had her fears confirmed.

Black Market

Watching what was edited, it could have been worse. Seriously. The most bizarre moment comes in the first deleted scene. As Lee slips Shevon an extra hundred to get something nice for Paya (yeah, he says that), Shevon decides to give Lee something – a watch (I think, it’s not very clear) that belonged to her father. When she flips it open it reveals a picture of Paya. She wants him to have it because she’ll just end up trading it for something later. Um, WTF? OK, maybe this is part of a set up (if Shevon was setting him up the entire time – another thing never made clear), if not, how does she have the nerve to lay into him at the end for making her and Paya a replacement for Gianne and the baby he never had? You gave him your father’s watch with a picture of your daughter in it!

Speaking of Gianne (yes, we get her name here) there are a couple of scenes where she’s discussed more directly. When Lee wakes up after almost being killed, he sits on the bed before collapsing back onto it. It’s actually a really nice edit as we go from Present Lee to Past Lee in bed with Shevon. He talks about Gianne hating her name because no one could pronounce it right and how he got it wrong for weeks and she never corrected him. OK, for two people dating, that’s just weird. Then we get the bit about him thinking he loved her.

In the final scene, as Shevon confronts Lee about being a replacement family with Paya taking the place of the baby he didn’t have, we get a flashback wherein Lee reveals to Shevon that Gianne she was pregnant, but he didn’t think he was ready. I’m thankful this was cut, because it makes his non-acknowledgment of any of this up until this point even more inexplicable. Though the cut seems to have necessitated another in ‘Scar’.

There is a brief clip of the discovery of Fisk’s body by Lt Hoshi. Yep, that sums that up.

In addition to the scene in RS there is another in ‘Black Market’ that really helps build momentum and understanding in regards to the Lee/Dee relationship. Dee meets Lee as he disembarks a raptor, returning from his night with Shevon on Cloud Nine. He’s surprised to see her and has this ‘Oh crap, I just spent the night with a hooker and here’s this nice girl who’s interested in me’ look. Whether or not Dee deduces what he’s been up to, no clue.

She’s there to tell him that Adama wants to see him immediately. As she walks with him, she comments that she’s missed talking with him and it seems like he’s avoiding her. She goes on to admit that she heard what he said after being rescued. Lee claims he was sick, delirious, “Whatever I was feeling I never meant to dump any of it on you.” Um, no, since she was listening outside your door without your knowledge. :p Dee says she was glad she heard it because, for the longest time, she thought she was the only one who thought they may be better off on Caprica. At that point, Lee gets in her face and tells her never to say that. His strong reaction is meant to show he had feelings for her, though I could imagine him saying the same thing to Racetrack or Kat. And as Lee climbs up the stairs to leave Dee and go see his father, he stops momentarily and has a flashback to Gianne and her leaving him. I’m sure he’s imaging her death on Caprica and we’re suppose to make the connection that it would hurt him equally if Dee suffered the same fate.

Here’s where the Lee/Dee ship gets tricky for me. The excised scenes would have gone a long way in developing the relationship on screen and make the how and why of their relationship make some sense to me. I’ve chosen to view these scenes as canon because their relationship is canon. Scenes such as Sharon’s rape (I haven’t watched the extended ‘Pegasus’ yet, but I know what happens), Gianne’s pregnancy, or a rather silly subplot in ‘Downloaded’ I can ignore because those were cuts that added little to nothing to what we saw on screen.

While the logical part of my brain is now more willing to try and process the relationship between Lee and Dee, I’ll never be sold on it. The writing of the scenes, for the most part, is pretty good. I get where they were attempting to go. Besides, I didn’t desire to see Lee sitting on the sidelines waiting for Kara while she got her crap straightened out. However, the actors, in my opinion, lack any romantic chemistry. And not to slam Kandyse, but her acting ability is not on par with Jamie or others on the show. Jamie’s best performances are when he’s working off of Katee, Mary, or EJO. There’s tension, there’s drama, there’s sparks flying. Watching Jamie and Kandyse, there’s just nothing there. There’s no connection. They’re reading their lines at each other, but they aren’t really talking to each other. It’s why I ultimately can’t buy it.

When Lee arrives on Pegasus to begin his investigation, he meets the XO, a Captain Renor (sp?). He takes an immediate dislike to Lee because he’s an outsider and Adama’s son. Renor makes a remark about ‘in his twenty years as captain’ which leads Lee to make a crack about him still being a captain after twenty years. It progressively gets more school yardish with Renor calling Lee “a little puke”, informing him they were just fine before Galactica came along, and telling Lee to go tell Adama to take his little investigation and go frak himself. I need to add that the actor playing Renor is not good which makes the juvenile behavior even worse. Following the last remark Lee pins him to a table and says, “The sick thing is there was a time I would have agreed with you.” An unusual moment of introspection amongst the posturing. Lee goes on to say if Renor speaks another word against his father next time he won’t get up, then marches off stating, “The investigation is mine, get used to it.” I really didn’t like this scene. Two men acting like children and Lee should be seen as a guy in charge rather than a guy with a chip on his shoulder.

In an odd and distracting bit of casting, as Lee makes his way through the Prometheus looking for Phalen he’s stopped by the actor who played the CAG in the mini series. Lee offers his gun for trade (idiot) for information on Phalen, but the guy wants the watch Shevon gave him instead. He hesitates, but trades it and is told Phalen is…right down the hall. Can I say how dumb this scene was? Lee then precedes to beat the crap out of two guards (Lee is swinging from a bar at one point – kind of neat ;) and is ‘captured’ by a third who asks him if he’s ever had the feeling he’s living the same bad day again and again.


There are a couple of scenes relating to the auction of dead pilots gear. Duck tells a newbie to leave his watch behind for him so he doesn’t have to bid on it at auction. Lee leads an auction and begins by offering up a Maxim-like magazine. Jamie/Lee gets really into selling it, acting in a not Lee-like way. I’ve seen that some people really liked this clip, but it made me a little embarrassed for him.

After Kara goes table surfing, Helo goes over to, not help her up, but help her into the corner. Huh? And we see Lee asked if the wakes are always like this to which he replies “No. Sometimes they get a little rowdy.”

There is an extended take of the scene between Laura, Tigh, and Adama in the CIC. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what is new and what isn’t. Tigh argues they should leave the area now before they lose more pilots. I think Laura ends up listening to more chatter over the comm from the pilots and realizes just how bad it is for them out there.

No additional scenes of Lee and Kara almost having sex, but there is more to the conversation between the two in the rec room. After Lee’s comment about bright, shiny futures being overrated Kara starts making jokes about “Can you picture you with a wife…and a kid and a porch swing because the gods know you would have a little porch swing.” Lee admits to having thought about it once. Kara is still very amused, “you wanted some little, stinky rugrat pissing on your knee.” But you see Lee sobered by the discussion. “I thought it might be nice. Teach the little kid to swim, play pyramid. What? Anyway, it’s not going to happen now.” Then we go into living for the moment and the kiss.

There’s an alternate ending. I like the one that aired better. Kat visits the memorial to place the picture of the young woman on the wall. We then cut to Kara praying and stating “I’m coming back. I said it. I meant it. I’ll do it.” Obviously she is referring to Anders.


Two brief scenes involving, er, Dana Delaney’s character’s husband. He talks to her briefly on the phone before his ship is attacked. It’s established this happened ten weeks before.

The Captain’s Hand

A little more insight into Garner’s captaining style is established. He chews out Kara for supposedly not knowing about the missing pilots and, in turn, criticizes the missing pilots. He states to Lee that Kara needs to be watched every minute of every day. And he dismisses the communications guy, Hoshi, simply because he fails to inform him he was giving clearance to a raptor to launch. He Tells Lee that the crew need discipline and cohesion but he comes off as a little paranoid.

Another scene between Lee and Kara which would seem to come between their initial angry confrontation and eventual reconciliation. Lee informs Kara that he’s sending out a recon mission, per Adama’s decision. This goes against what Garner wanted to do. Kara is disappointed in Lee’s behavior, that he seemingly refuses to take a stand against Garner. “Bob and weave. Duck and cover. Frak Lee you should be a politician.” (Side note: I have to wonder if this was foreshadowing for events down the road. I’ve always felt Lee was being groomed to follow in Laura’s footsteps.) Lee states that Garner is wrong about this and Lee knows it, but that he’s still owed respect and loyalty - “You owed him the chance to make it as the commander of this ship.” Kara counters with what about what he owes them? They deserve a leader worthy of the people he leads. Lee turns away at this and can’t look at her. Kara knows that she’s gotten to him.

Kara: “You hate it when she argues rationally don’t you. So much easier when she’s a fowl mouthed hot head howling at the moon.”
Lee: “I know you didn’t mean to shoot me Kara, I know that….I don’t know why I’m angry at you Kara, I really don’t. I just am.”

There’s a hint of a bitter laugh off his final remark and Kara responds in kind. Of course, later, he will reveal the source of his anger.

Some additional footage involving Laura and the Quorum delegate Sara intercut with shots of Bria (?), the girl who received the abortion .We see that the girl attempted suicide by ingesting pills and while she initially appears dead, Cottle is able to revive her.

The Lee/Kara scene at the end was longer and involved Dee. Following Lee’s “Yeah, we’re OK” and the hug, we get a close up of their faces and the looks they convey seem to ask are they really? It’s a combination of wondering if they have gotten past it all and also perhaps some regret as to what hasn’t been said or done.

Dee opens up the hatch, Kara smiles at her and states, “I was just leaving”. As she leaves she informs them, “I’ll put the boots outside the door for you guys.” Dee asks Lee if he’s ever going to tell her about promotions and while she says she’s happy for him, you can tell she’s not. “Guess this wasn’t going to work.” But Lee states he’s leaving Galactica not her (this was shown in a previously). She doesn’t know how they can make it work, him neither, but he’ll try if she will.

Dee: “You think she was kidding about the boots?”
Lee: “Starbuck doesn’t kid about that sort of thing.”

And there’s a bunch of kissing.


A brief shot of Laura with Hera in her incubator, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Baltar asks Gina to arrange to have Hera kidnapped. Gina thinks he’s crazy. He states he has no one else to turn to. Gina refers to Sharon as a loose canon and her child a “half breed”. Baltar stresses how important this is to him personally. He wants to ensure the safety of the child. Gina is more concerned that Roslin is up three points in the polls. Baltar tries to reach Gina by using her belief in God and that the child is a harbinger for a new order. Six enters the picture and reminds him that they are different indivisuals and that Gina is broken, damaged beyond redemption. Baltar eventually gets Gina to agree to his plan by stating they can sensationalize the story of Helo, Sharon, and Hera in the press and use it to undercut Roslin’s competence as a war leader. I have to say, I’m still a little shaky on Gina and her role as politico.

Fleet!D’Anna (I don’t know what else to call her) meets with Laura and tells her she created a problem by keeping the baby a secret. She asks for exclusive access to the baby. She can show people it’s a normal child and nothing to be feared. She claims she just wants an exclusive and its incidental to her if it helps Roslin.

For me, this is where this subplot gets increasingly silly. D’Anna shows Gina how she converted her camera case into an incubator for Hera.:/ Gina doesn’t like that she calls the baby that – it offends her that she was named after a human god. D’Anna asks what her preference is and Gina tells her to “Just call her 13”. D’Anna’s response - “I like that”

Jamie’s wife! ;) She tells D’Anna she can’t see the baby. As D’Anna is about to kick up a fuss, Helo walks out and calls her a “stupid, fraking, vulture” and informs her that Hera’s dead. D’Anna actually looks stunned and upset by this news.

Lay Down Your Burdens

As Tyrol watches Cally back at work, the scene is intercut with Tyrol talking to Cavil and recounting his dream of falling. It seems we saw a lot of this, just edited differently and without Cally present.

Lee’s in bed! Listening to the news - talk of the election and a close race – as Dee gets dressed and chastises him for not yet signing some papers she couriered over. She asks him about the election and if he thinks she’ll lose. Lee says of Laura (apparently he does remember her), “She is tough and smart and willing to do whatever it takes to win…but I get the feeling she may be on the wrong side of this issue and we may be looking at president Baltar.” Gee, maybe it would have been nice had he as her advisor said something earlier? No, I’m not bitter.

Dee notes that Baltar as president is a depressing thought. (Guess that’s why she helped rig the election.) He’s been having a few of those himself recently. “Starbuck?” she asks and he says he can’t shake feeling that something’s wrong. Dee reminds him that she’s not due back for another day and that she always comes back. As he kisses her he tells her has a “Feeling that something is about to go terribly wrong.” Ok, I have two issues with this. One, Lee has this sense of eminent doom yet he’s Mr Smiley Kissy Face. And it also comes off as rather heavy handed. I was half expecting to hear Dum Dum Dum in the background as he spoke the words. The strangest thing though might be the final dialogue between the two.

Dee: “I gotta go.”
Lee: “Alright I’ll see ya.”

Wow. That just screams loving couple doesn’t it?!

Another couple that got short shrift - Tyrol and Cally. The two share a drink and he talks about how Cavil had him thinking he was a Cylon. He also informs her that they shot both (I assume both cavil models) out the airlock the night before. Cally has trouble drinking with the broken jaw and Tyrol attempts to wipe her chin, but she flinches away. Apparently her jaw doesn’t hurt that much because she kisses him. He looks shocked. She says, “What, you didn’t know?” All he can manage to do is smile and get all shy.

A montage of clips as Baltar thinks back over his relationship with Gina on his way to meet with her.

The final deleted scene…Adama tells Baltar how they believe a nuke got aboard Cloud Nine. They suspect a warhead was stolen from his lab and is perhaps the first step in coordinated Cylon attack. Adama wants to focus on internal security; Baltar wants to see people safely established on New Caprica. Once that’s accomplished they can put the tragedy behind them. Adama tells him he’s not listening. Baltar states he doesn’t have to, he’s the president.
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  • Another Dragon Con Post

    Here's the non-panel portion of my Dragon Con remembrances, so feel free to skip! Thursday Due to bad weather in Atlanta, my flight was delayed…

  • Dragon Con BSG Panels and Jamie Fangirling

    Well, it only took two weeks to post my first Dragon Con report! Worst part of typing this all up was I listened to the BSG panel recordings while…

  • The Tease Is Over

    I'm slowly recovering from whatever the con inflicted on so many of us. And, on and off today, I've been working on transcribing my interview with…