The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

The Sunny Side of Life

I've decided to once in awhile deviate from the regularly schedule sarcasm, bitterness, cynicism, and BSG blatherings. Ok, I confess, I can't really get away from that last one. ;-)

I was trolling the Sci-Fi board today (yes, I know, there in lies disaster) and found news that the BSG Official Magazine has printed it's last issue. While disappointed that the show won't have a magazine on the racks along with 'Buffy' and 'Star Wars' I have to say the content was always outdated and severely lacking and I can now save $7. I'm much happier spending $10 and getting the pretty pictures and revealing interviews Starburst provides.

Discovered that Starbuck's makes pretty good hot chocolate and *really* good low fat blueberry coffeecake.

I've been having a great chat on my last post with beccatoria regarding 'Black Market'. She has some fascinating thoughts on how it could be viewed and I may now be able to rationalize it's existence. Lurkers you need to come out and talk to me more! You make bad episodes better!

Today or yesterday, depending on when and how you look at it, is/was the birthday of the one and only the_royal_anna. I can use the term "one and only" because while I have many dear, sweet, wonderful friends she is unique among them. I don't think I've ever seen her complain, I mean really complain, about anything. And who else still hand writes (with the coolest penmanship ever) six page letters? She has a generosity of spirit and talent for prose I wish I had. I hope you had a great day Anna. :)

It amuses me that Grey's Anatomy is viding their own show now.

DVRs are so cool! I could record twelve hours of SG1, but, of course, Sci-Fi has changed their schedule.

More BSG promo photos! I can't decide which group is hotter. :)
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