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Entertainment Weekly's latest cover is Battlestar Galactica! Wheeee!!! I think this perhaps as much as anything else could help draw in viewers. The one bad part about the article (not counting the incorrect spelling of names and some questionable fact checking) is that it has spoilers. The first paragraph alone mentions things that, by my calculation, will not occur until the middle of the season. I was going to do a spoiler free post, but wisteria_ hasn't beaten me to the punch. Her post with pictures (non-spoilery) can be found here.

Blame the complicated plots and the genre's fringy rep, a stigma that's only exacerbated by a glut of similar-sounding (and inferior) shows like Stargate Atlantis, Farscape, and Andromeda.

Ok, that comment (from the article's author) ticked me off. 'Farscape' was an amazing show and while no fan of SGA, I would never, ever put it in the same catagory as 'Andromeda'. Let's not rip other shows in order to praise this one.

I'm not thrilled with the cover photo. Tricia is obviously wearing a wig and James' body language says to me 'Mommy! Protect me!'. Very weird. But Mary looks incredible.

I was trying to figure what the hell they had Jamie's arms wrapped with. That's a new look, accept maybe not. For a second I thought he was Michael/Anders. Taking into consideration the knee pads I think that's pyramid player gear. Does this mean we see him play a game? Or have they converted it for other uses. Not *those* uses you pervs. ;p
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