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The Gates: Mid-Season Finales

Damn. Another episode of Atlantis that I enjoyed. This is so wrong!

I love that Cam and Teal’c are buddies. Too bad we don’t see more of that or more of Teal’c doing anything. When Vala kiddingly called him "Muscles" it came off more as a statement as to what the character has become rather than a joke.

Vala has certainly made herself at home. :) While she’s a very intelligent woman, the fact that she and Daniel came up with pivotal pieces of the puzzle at almost the exact same time had me going "Set up!".

The only person I could imagine having the power to manipulate the situation was Adria so the big reveal was, not so much. And when Ms Omnipotent repeatedly states “We should go back” it's a clear indication that she's losing her power the closer they get to their destination. Throw in that scene in which we spent how many minutes? trying to maneuver the time distortion field and this was a very unispired, lackluster mid-season cliffhanger.

Let’s praise Claudia and Cliff Simon for adding some excitement to the episode. Vala clinging to Cam’s back as they maneuvered the field was adorable. I burst out laughing when she revealed she packs her hair dryer for missions. And she was so enthusiastic about her ability to solve riddles.

I couldn't decide which I enjoyed more, Baal trapped in the force field for three days because of greed or him spilling his guts for a power bar. And I loved his delivery of “allow me to get out of your line of fire” when he realized that, for once, they weren’t intending to shoot him.

Daniel sure jumped in quickly to save Sam. Which I might say meant something if not for the fact that scene seemed poorly edited.

Adria and Baal’s bickering had me thinking ‘Get a room’, so thank you Sam for saying it. However, it was all rather odd since they just met.

Yep, there was a dragon. Anyone want to bet Adria extended her personal shield to protect all of them?

Oh Rodney you are so smart providing a direct mode of transport to earth. I’m sure the Wraith and the Replicants will love you for it.

And Rodney screwing with the Replicant’s programming came back to bite them in the ass. Color me shocked.

How can those ships fit through the Gate? They seem too big to me.

Samantha Mulder! Her being an Ancient makes far more sense than what Chris Carter came up with. ;)

I can understand how it sucks to have put in all this hard work and then to be kicked to the curb, but it was the Ancients city and they were willing to have a representative stay behind. Given how difficult it was for Weir to let go once she got back to earth, I don’t see how she could have worked successfully with the Ancients.

The thing I really liked about this episode was watching them interact as friends. It’s obvious that friendships have formed, you can’t work that closely and have gone through as much as they have together and not become close. But what they were forced to confront here was was the certainty that they weren't going to be there for each other everyday, what that meant to them, and how boring things might be without each other.

Key moments that I loved:

Ronan picking up John and moving him. Given the actors reactions I’m thinking that was ad libbed. :)

Carson attempting to share his emotions and Rodney’s cutting him off with, “You are not tearing up on me are you? Yes he’s tearing up.” I hate to admit that I have anything in common with Rodney, but that sooo sounds like me. ;)

John leading the most inept Stargate team ever - “I never thought I’d miss Rodney McKay being a member of my team.” Sure his frustration was funny, but would those guys actually be allowed off world?

Rodney and John dating! OK, not really, but even I who can’t fathom shipping them, took a moment to consider the apparently frequent phone calls, the dinner plans, and Rodney's little smile with John hung up on him and...come on!

The dinner.

Carson discovering that he showed up at the meeting uninvited.

Lee and Wier talking World of Warcraft. I no nothing about that accpet it is a game, but it still amused me.

Wallace’s sad, “You’re already going on missings without me.”

Carson lamenting his turtles fate.

There isn't any file sharing service in which you can upload, let's say, 350mb of data, is there? You Send It maxes out at 100 and Megaupload at 250.
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