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Yep, I got nothing here

You might think I’m up late, but I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Wheee!!! Of course the reason I get to play hooky is that I have to sit in a waiting room while my mother has some tests done. Before anyone thinks this is a big deal, it’s not. It’s regularly scheduled testing for people over a certain age. I’ll say no more without getting into icky details.

The really disturbing part of this? My mother asked if I was bringing my laptop with me. I guess I DO need help.

Truth is I’ve spent almost the entire day on the couch glued to my computer. Nothing like waiting to do your ficathon request until a week before it’s due! But a draft is done. :) Now I just need my beta to tell me which parts suck. That’s not me being negative on myself. I’m actually quite pleased with aspects of it. In fact I feel a little too confidant and that I’m setting myself up for a fall.

I also was checking out scenes from various BSG episodes today for other fic ideas. And I came to three conclusions, mostly while watching ‘Bastille Day’:

* OMG! How can they not see the possibility of Lee/Laura?!

* That Lee Adama could become Tom Zarek.

* I have theory as to why the changes in Lee physically and emotionally make perfect sense. But before I commit to anything I need to see some of season 3 and if Ron and I are on the same page. ;)

In other TV viewing…

I had thoughts on this last weeks House. Big, somewhat profound thoughts, but I never got around to watching the episode again in order to solidify them. Since the series seems to be on a kick of tying episodes together, I’m hoping that will afford me the opportunity to address my thoughts this coming week .

So who watched Smith? I’d read mixed reviews on this one, but I tried it and really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t put it on the Must See list yet, but it has potential. I’m a little concerned about Simon Baker’s sociopath wearing thin fast, but maybe they’ll tone it down a notch or ten in future episodes. And Virginia Madsen’s character I find very intriguing. She knows something, but is she the type of woman willing to sacrifice a few morals to be the woman who seemingly has it all?

Tonight I turned on Brothers & Sisters. The show has had bad buzz for months. Producers (such as Marti Noxon) walking over “creative differences”. Actors fired. The pilot reshot. But, hey, it has Ken Olin working behind the scenes and one of the best casts assembled in front of the camera. It can’t be that bad, right?

I felt like turning the channel after five minutes. I decided that wasn’t giving it a fair chance. I waited until the ten minute mark to flip over to Without a Trace. It’s THAT bad. In Entertainment Weekly someone talked about how they had to streamline the pilot because there was just too much information in it. Um, in the first ten minutes we were introduced to the entire family (including a clichéd gay son whose clichés were apparently OK because they pointed them out to you!) and all their conflicts, neurosis, relationship troubles, drug habits, and whining. No need to fire up the DVR Sunday nights.

I still haven't watched the extended cut of 'Pegasus'. What kind of fan am I? Maybe tomorrow.

ETA: I just watched Six Degrees of Separation. (Why, yes, DVRs are cool. ;) Not as bad as I feared, but there's one WTF? plot line and the meetups stretch credibility. I like the cast for the most part though. I may give it another try, but I have a hunch it won't be around too long.
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