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Best big damn pilot of the new TV season.

Let me get my requisite quibble out of the way. The government conspiracy/hey! the bad guy is indestructable girl's dad! Too standard/saw it coming.

Sendhil Ramamurthy. Wow. He may be the latest addition to the TV boyfriends.

Putting aside the pretty, his character, Mohinder (yes, I am referencing imdb ;) and Hiro were the standouts for me. The former for being the 'normal' guy, passionate about getting to the truth and helping others recognize how extraordinary they may be. And Hiro for being so damn funny and exuberant and referencing Trek!

Claire worries me a little. You might think you are invincible, but how can you be 100% sure? It's not like Peter's leap of faith. He's trying to find out who he is and embrace it. She seems more bent on seeing how far she can go and if she can destroy herself. Does she really have a death wish?

Niki seems to have a dark streak. Did she really disembowel a guy? But I'm not sure Ari Later has the acting chops for that role. She was the weak link in the cast for me.

Coolest moment: Finding out that Peter has something in common with his brother.

Most disturbing: No, not the disemboweling. Claire pulling out her mangled hand. Please, can we not have the gore every week.

Still not quite getting the Studio 60 love. Then again it's very similar to The West Wing which I was never a devotee of. Amanda Peet doesn't seem to quite be on the same page as everyone else. When things are dire, she's too chipper. And how did she get to help run a network? Still, the most troubling thing about the show for me? Could they have not chosen a new font for the credits?!
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