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Semi GBP

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to shmarollynn. Someone I haven't spent nearly enough time with when I've been in Seattle. We'll need to rectify that in the future. :) I hope you had a great day. And here's a little something for you, well, all of us really. It's a classic!

Sci-FI is adverstising Heroes as part of the all new Sci-Fi Friday. It airs at 7est. Which made me wonder. If the show fails to do well on NBC (the premiere posted good numbers - don't panic) and gets pulled, would NBC/Universal ship it to Sci-Fi?

Apparently House is going on hiatus until after the World Series so I have time to post thoughts on the last two episodes.

I enjoyed the premiere of Smith more than the second episode, however I'm picking up a strong Tom/Jeff/Annie vibe. Yeah, I need help. ;)
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